What do you recommend?

Well, my trusty Sennheiser HD445s have finally given up and I need some new headphones quickly, and I know that you guys are the people to ask about new ones!

I liked the HD445s 'cos they were neutral-sounding and I would wear them for hours comfortably and get pretty reasonable headphone mixes with them. They were great for listening to music and playing games too.

I prefer headphones that aren’t closed so I can hear the phone or my wife calling me before she gets irate!

I don’t really want to spend very much, so any suggestions of budget/mid range good value phones (and any recommended UK vendors) would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance…


I use Sennheiser eH1430’s they are amazingly cheap (20 quid-ish) and fit your specification.
I bought mine from CPC (cpc.co.uk) a few years ago, so I don’t know if they are still a current model.
Worth a look.


I just bought a Behringer HA4700 keadphone amplifier and 4 (four!) pairs of AKG K66’s to go with it.

Those cans are definitely recommended - semi-open design, lightweight, and great sound! Comparable to my - otherwise unmatchable - BeyerDynamic DT770’s.

I’ve seen those at Turnkey at an asking price of £20 - a bargain, I recon. (The DT770’s are considerably more expensive, weighing in at about £85 at Turnkey.)

Just my two øre…

regards, Nils

Guys, thanks very much indeed, your advice is much appreciated.

I couldn’t find anyone with stock of the EH1430s or even K66s, so I thought a good compromise would be the AKG K141 Monitor, £35 from Dolphin Music.

I would have liked to stay with Sennheiser, but it looked to me like most of their budget 'phones are now aimed at what they call ‘modern music’ which I take to mean ‘having a BIG bass response’.

Thanks again, and I will let you know how I get on with the K141Ms…


AKG K271 headphones for me mates. Sound great, can be used live and in studio very easily. My favourite for all things are them.