Hear my next disco hit:))

Hey I put up a new song feat. vocal Jeremy Carr…
Be prepared for a blend of funk/soul and pure disco madness…oh and yes please be kind to share your much valued opinions, although I’m already aware of certain production problems that I havent fixed yet .

www.myspace.com/staggermusic its called One More Time…

What an execellent singer.

Catchy, catchy tune, well written and performed. Moving bass line - nice!

Here are my thoughts:
- Remove all reverb completely from lead vocals
- Ending was kind of weird, will it fade out in the final mix?
- Record more songs with this singer for us to hear

I’m going to listen to this song again not to critique, to enjoy.


Hey thanks.
I hear about the verb and I’ve done changes and remixed the whole thing. Now the vocals sit much better on top of the tune. As for the ending I think I will fade it at the start of the last chorus. Again thanks for the input.

that is a cool song man.

i have to agree with the above post though, there is way too much reverb on the vocals. The bass and drums are killer though. very dancy.

What are you using for the strings? I was really suprised… It sounds just like what you are after… that 70s disco sound to a T. The trumpet has a bit too much MIDI to it for my taste. Dig up a real trumpet player and do that part right… the tune deserves it. I agree on the vocal reverb. Something needs to change as they get washy with all the verb… but the performance is really excellent… like old Stevie.

Thanks for the input guys. I use motif 6 sounds for everything. I’ve since done some changes to this track, but it will probably need some rerecording.