Heard a nasty rumor today.....

Can’t say where I got the info but…

Happy Birthday Phoo!! You crotchety ol’ software buster you…

Have a good one! :)



…THANK YOU… I think. I try to avoid these as much as possible.


¡Feliz Cumpleaños Amigo!

Y que cumplas muchos mas

Happy birthday Phoo. :)

And I 'spect you’re old enough now to start counting down every year instead of up. But ya gotta time that right! Otherwise it’s a wee bit of bugger if you’re still alive when you drop below 18 again! :D

So I take it TG’s rumor is true… Happy Birthday to you, Mr. phoo :D


Quote (phoo @ Jan. 13 2006,15:54)
I try to avoid these as much as possible :)

Bah - it wasn't longer ago than last year since you last had it plastered all over the front page :)
Happy birthday, old man. 53, isn't it ?

On a more serious note; it's been a pleasure to do whatever we've done since you were a mere puppy of 50 (or was it 51 ?) !

(sung to the tune of “Happy Birthday”, duh!)

Happy birthday to Phoo
Happy birthday to Phoo
Get plastered, you bastard…
Hope ya get some tonight!

(Ripped off from the singer/guitar player in my band)


hey…happens to everyone…might as well enjoy!!


Quote (phoo @ Jan. 13 2006,15:54)
I try to avoid these as much as possible.


That's not a good idea phoo. Embrace your birthdays. Cuz when ya' STOP having 'em...


Happy-Happy Joy-Joy! ‘How old are Phoo now?’ Oh yeah- 53! :D

You’re 53 and doing something you dig. As cool as it gets in this old world! Pretty good present. Just stay away from my network, o.k.? :)

Happy Birthday Phoo! You are a great guy!


Yeah - phoo’s old enough to remember when Clapton was God (that’s old) :laugh:

And here’s to 60 more just as good as the last 60! :p

Yeah I hear he’s so old…

At the last supper Jesus said, “Please pass the bread Phoo”.

Dirt called him last week and asked for that $20 he borrowed back.

Single handedly disproved evolution, he was there and can honestly say, it didn’t take nearly as long as they said it did.

You old goat! Oh careful what I call you TG might wanna give you a birthday goosing! :p

keep shinin’



Happy Birthday Phoo. I’m chuffed to find out there is someone (just) older than me :D


Hi Phoo:
Happy Birthday… I wasn’t around the Board yesterday… I got up some courage, and went into the studio… If you’re 60… that’s close enough… Keep a Steady Hand on the Tiller… Try your best to remember what ya did last week… so ya don’t forget what ta do next week… and repeat what ya already did… Work on trying to get as much sleep time as awake time… Those are some things I try to work on… It don’t help if ya try to sleep and ya can’t… Just get up and read all the topics on the Board… Not much point in tryin ta sleep when ya can’t… Well…


Happy B’Day, Phoo! And many more, bud.


Thanks everyone!!!

60?? Ok…I’ll stay there for a few years an no one will know any difference. I prefer old as dirt but I’ve been that was since late in hight school, so yes I may owe dirt some money after all.

You know, in 60 more years I may have this house paid for. What a thought!


He’s not really 53, just a late bloomer. You’d be surprised at some of the things we find funny. I’m 41 and a childish one at that. On a good day he’s worse :)
phoo, you’ll never get that house paid in full. Remember the cabin up in the mountains ? :)