Hearing your songs in public..

song at Best Buy…

so my band was asked to do a Christmas song for a compilation. we were on the road and didn’t have time to go into the studio. so we had mycomputer mailed out to us and i recorded the song with n-track.

anyway, i was in Best Buy today doing some Christmas shopping… and as i was checking out… the song came on over the speakers. it was quite surreal and really encouraging.

thanks to n-track for being awesome! hehe

here is a link to the song if you want to hear… we are called Copeland and we did Do You Hear What I Hear…

Maybe This Christmas Tree


Dude, that is a crazy story…

They were talking about the compilation on the radio the otherday… That is a pretty inpressive set of Christmas songs that don’t suck, and are actually pretty good.

yeah… they are some cool songs on there. this is the third year they’ve done it. the past two years have even better songs on it, in my opinion.

you can actually buy them on iTunes too. which is pretty cool.

Someday when you’re up there getting that Grammy, be sure to give a shout out to the N-track forums :;):


I haven’t had the Best Buy experience, but I’ve heard some of my music played on a “homegrown” show on local radio. That’s always a rush. It’s hard to imagine what’s it like to get commercial and/or national airplay.

Good job on the Christmas song. That’s a personal favorite and one that doesn’t get covered very often, for some reason.

I really like your song, the best on the album in my opinion.
Good luck on that Grammy!