Heil Hitler?

You decide…

dude…come on.

mike, you must be kidding… seriously…

in all honesty, i can’t say whether i’d have considered the “heil” part at first glance, as i came across this on drudge… i expect i wouldn’t have…

if waving your hand in the air is the same as saluting hitler, then i guess i’m a nazi myself…


Guys - this is a pic of Bush speaking at the 2005 President’s Dinner, a Republican Party fundraiser, in Washington D.C. June 14, 2005.

I simply ask a question & it disturbs you guys. Don’t I have a 1st Amendment right to do that?


it just purely inflammatory, and you knew that, and that’s why you did it.

Geez Mike… somebody piss in your Cheerios this morning? I despised Clinton but I would never have disrespected the man like that. Poke a little fun maybe, but I would not have compared him to a psycho like Hitler. Get a grip.


Geez guys - alittle touchy today aren’t we? :laugh:

I saw this from the Drudge Report.


Don’t I have a 1st Amendment right to do that?

of course!.. as we have the same right to say whatever the #### we want about it as well… otherwise, it’d be no fun! :D


Is the Bush photo supposed to counter the image of Herr Dean (you can almost hear him speaking German)? By contrast, Bush looks like he’s doing a deodorant commercial for Sure.

“Ve vill get you vhite Chreestian men!! Yeeaaaaaagghhh!”

“Ze conzervatives have slapped mein hand. Zey vill pay for ziss!”

“Is that Li’l How’rd Dean over yonder?? Hiy’all How’rd.”

GEEZ!! Those Dean pics are scary! Had a Bee in his Bonnet didn’t he? Yeesh…


Those pics of Dean were from the “I’ve got a scream” speech - weren’t they? :laugh:

I don’t get why everyone is with the German accent thing. There are plenty of other nationalities that have turned out psycho-facist murderers. (and yes the German accent thing does get to me personally and I have had to try to look past that prejudice when I went to Germany - though at this point I have little desire to ever return).

Besides making a big joke out of it all really does piss on the ashes of my family and not just on some crappy cardboard breakfast cereal (that is not soylent green AFAIK)

With mixed feelings as always.


Good - thansk Trackgrrl - I was about to say essentially the same thing.

I think the accent thing is just in reference to Hitler, not all Germans, since this thread seems to be about who’s the most Hitler-like.



The difference is that most of us live in a country that will let us do this stuff and say these things and not get arrested or worse. For that I am thankful.

Caption, anyone?

Quote (Mr Soul @ June 15 2005,13:41)
I simply ask a question & it disturbs you guys. Don't I have a 1st Amendment right to do that?

In this case, your first amendment right has given you the privilege to make yourself look like an idiot.

Seriously… You’re using a picture taken out of context to compare Bush to Hitler. Using anything out of context to try to make a sensational point is L-A-M-E.

And you tell *me* to “get a life?”