Hello! (new member here)

I downloaded the demo version of V.5 last week and was amazed at how quick I was laying down tracks, refreshingly unlike other programs I’ve seen. The sound quality seemed really good, too, but could have been my imagination due to the cool interface :( I had been using Audacity but wanted something with more features but without the steep learning curve. This definitely seems like what I’ve been looking for. I’m really looking forward to creating and posting some tunes here - nice place you got here! :agree:

Hi Rick

Welcome. I’ve been hanging around here for many years (since late V1, early V2 ntrack), although I’ve not been around much just recently.

You’ll find a lot of knowledgeable and helpful folks here - on more than just ntrack, so ask away and you’re sure to get something helpful back.

Yes, ntrack is very easy to use. That was a main attraction for me. The quality is there but largely is based on the hardware (ie sound card, speakers, amps, preamps, mics) that you use rather than the software per se, although with the wrong settings you can mess things up. :slight_smile:


Go get version 6! :agree:

And welcome!

Hi Rick and welcome to the maddness, uh, I mean forum.