Hello Again

New set up ??

Hello n-Track folks–I was around some years ago, but fell away in the midst of job changes, twins in
college, aged parents & other assorted life stuff.
Now I’m back.

I have ?? regarding a new computer set up.
My old desktop unit has died (yes, I had backups of everything I had recorded!), it didn’t quite make 11 years.
I recorded solo acoustic instrument (lap dulcimer) through a Sound Blaster card that I hooked to an old Pioneer tape deck with mic inputs for the preamp to the line in on the sound card.
I also used n-Track to move vinyl to digital with a Dual turntable into a Sony Legato stereo amplifier with the DAD/AUX into the sound card line in.
Now I have a Dell Latitude D620 laptop (inherited from one of the twins in college who was lucky enough to get an Apple Macbook from her dad for Christmas).
In comparing cards for the memory slot with audio interfaces, it seemed that the latter was preferable.
I found a deal on a Tascam US-122MKII which seemed to offer what I needed.
I don’t have a clue how to hook it it up.
Any thoughts on cables etc. would be appreciated.
I should also mention that both of my mics (Realistic) have 1/4" jacks and the Tascam seems to want XLR.
Thanks in advance.


Shockingly, I’m still there in the ‘Music’ tab on the n-Track home page. None of the links to the tunes still work, but… I’ll have to find someplace else to post my crude beginnings.


PS So is limey still about?