helloo me lovelies

ok, so i’ve been on a mission to get my album out there, so if you haven’t already got it…

My album ‘Windmills and Wishes’ has been globally released under ‘Story records’ and can now be bought on CD or MP3 from http://www.windmillsandwishes.com or from Amazon or Itunes.


Check out my soundclick page for two tracks from my new album

Mr Man: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9627082
Missing Dialogue: http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9602121

Ange x :D

Hi ange and Rob:
Thanks for the post… Good for you and the update… I hope you got some photos of the Launch to share with us from the Launch Party… :)


Buy lots of copies, people! Ange needs to go platinum! That means about 20 copies per person, I figure. My figuring is notoriously questionable!

hi ange. i liek very much to if u can come to my contry to go on date with me. i make nice picnic of harboil pickle egg, beet and parsnip dumplin withj plum pooding. u can sing with ur guiater by river to me. wot u say? in my contry it it right way to do to glory the girl singer. some call it chansonnier. :;):