Big problem…

People,help!I have been installed on my comp n-Track 5.11,and he was works very well.Afther some time,when new trial version 6 has arrived,im gonna try to install to try it,but i couldnt!n-Track 6 Installer send me a message:…You must to uninstall previous version…and i have try to this(uninstall ver.5.11),but i didnt succed,something has been wrong.After that,i abolish n-Track 5.11 manual,and after that,new version(n-Track 6 trial)cant install on my comp again(he was dedect another version again,whom i deleted masnually).What i can do??

You might have to ask Flavio for some help with your problem…

Thanks,i will try,but…

Have tried to download and re-install your older version of n-Track?

it’s not supposed to do that, it is supposed to install over the previous version.

You may have some system program that is causing this reaction (install wizard) or something, un-install should be necessary or prompted by your system.

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Jerm! I’ve got a feeling he may have ‘no’ to ‘un-install existing v’ and then got lost - that’s why I wondered if re-upping to his older v might help.

Thanks to all,but i tryed everything…and nothing!Comp(XP SP 2) is virus free(Malwarebytes,Bit Defender)…im thinking,garbage-files from n-Track 5.11 should not be a problem to new n-Track 6 installer,maybe is problem with some driver all something…

Quote: (TonyR @ Oct. 30 2010, 4:18 PM)

Jerm! I've got a feeling he may have 'no' to 'un-install existing v' and then got lost - that's why I wondered if re-upping to his older v might help.

I could see that happening, if 5.1 was somehow botched or something when he ran that registry thingy previous to this...

I hope it is nothing N related because I am looking at a similar scenario in the near future, XP Sp2 and 6.1.1. upgrade from 5.1, and I don't want any downtime on me studio.

I was hoping to be on 7 by then...but resources are being put toward live shows so not there yet.

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