Visual metronome?

I help-out, with a local music collective. Helping folk get recorded for free. You know how it goes - we all chip in.

I’ve got this drummer who can’t play to click tracks. Honest. Without one, he’s like a machine - but as soon as you stick cans on the guy, he loses it!

I’ve told him that I’ll try to sort a visual aid. Urhm!?
Did a bit of browsing, expecting to find an app that would stitch
nicely to n-T.

Anyone got any ideas?

The n metronome can be used visually with a bouncing ball.
Did you check it out?

I did, Pop. That would mean me up-rooting my gear and dragging it to a hay filled barn. As hard as I try, I just can’t get into that one;-)

I was hoping to devise a stand-alone,bpm,acurate strobe with my craptop?

This needs pondering.

He’s trying to be too perfect. He needs to relax and let it flow. Use an audible click, but keep the volume down so if he’s on it he can’t hear it. It’s about impossible to play as perfect as it seems you need to. A lot of that comes with practicing with a click. At first it drags you down, then it becomes what you hear in your head as you play, even when it’s not there.

Dudes! I’ve been trying to plug him in for twelve months. It’s not happenin’. I’m an easy go lucky kind of geezer and want to make it easy and enjoyable and in his zone:-)

If visual is required, maybe someone has a laptop that you can use - load N and it’s bouncing ball . . .?
This may not help, but I have found folks that can’t work to a click track can work to a drum track. Have you tried a drum sound instead of a click sound?

OR there is always the put a football helmet on him and hit him in the helmet with a drum stick - worked in the movie :laugh:

My first private drum instructor didn’t bother with the helmet. He just whacked the crap out of my upper arm with a pair of sticks. Really. Hurt like crap and made a really loud snap when the two sticks hit together.

…I’m not endorsing that method. I don’t think it did anything except bruise my arm and made me hate him…the things adults do to seventh graders…


Yea relaxing will do it. “He needs to keep working with the click track”. Make it a thud or a crunch something more fun than a click or easier to hear. I know if one can’t hear the click you can get off time trying to hear it find it etc.

Maybe make a video (quicktime or something) with 1-2-3-4 sync’d to a tempo.

Maybe this:…me.html

Thanks 7 and all.

I’ve even tried syncopating an upside down beat, with the ‘ups’ on the ‘downs’.

I think it’s the cans that do his head in.

What’s wrong with using a plain old stick (baton)? I have done this to help people stay on beat who couldn’t handle a click. I listen to the click, and guide him with the old down-one, right-two, left-three, up-four wave of the hand or baton. Slightly more labor intensive, but cheap for equipment! :cool:

'til next time;
Tony W

Oh, come on Wynot. If that worked people would have been using the technique for centuries!


That's pretty cool Tony

could also help soldiers practice marching

I found this software, might help.


Cheers, Paco.

So. n-Track people!?

What d’you reckon?

Me, armed with Craptop and Audacity, strobe, tazer, batton, parlour-acoustic, bouncing ball, 1,2,3,4, megaphone…? :wink:


Make him learn the headphones is my recommendation. He might want to even pull one side off for a while. It just takes practice is all.

You’re absolutely right, Pop.
There’s nought as funny as folk :laugh: