Sync problems after 'puter upgrade

First off, don’t let the date of when I joined fool you, I’ve been using n-track since '02. I guess since I haven’t been here for awhile, the system kicked me out.

Here’s the deal:

I just recently upgraded my computer to an Intel Celeron 2Gig processor, with new motherboard, an ASUS P4S800, and 1Gig of 400 Mhz DDR RAM. I figured n-track would be happy in a faster environment; but, NOT SO, Grasshopper!!

I’m still using windows 98SE which I don’t think is the problem. I set every latency setting that I can find and still the second track starts off fine, but eventually begins t o l a g.

During recording I’m also getting this annoying interruption that sounds similar to a CD that is stuck on 1 bit or byte (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr). This too creates sync problems. I expect that there is an interrupt going on somewhere with my processor, but, I’ve checked all of the devices in the System and all say there are no conflicts.

I’m just about to the point where I may have to reformat the drive and start over AGAIN!!

All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Whatever I find works will be posted on this topic.

Thank you

You’re not using and SB live or derivative are you? IF so, try recording at 48kHz - the native internal frequency of the Live cards.

Also try unticking “Use system time” in the preferences. That should force N-track to use the wave timer.

I don’t know what your brrrrrrr problem is. Perhaps someone else has an idea.


Okay. What is an SB Live, and as far as the 48khz, would that be found in the control panel of my sound card? EWSMT88 is what I’m using. Excellent board IMHO.

And thanks for your input Mark.

SB live is a standard soundcard AKA Sound Blaster Live , comes with most retail computers.
As far as accessing it’s settings I think, you can do it inside Ntrack.
Start at top left:
You should see Record setting and all the frequency choices from there.
Now if you click
Options (top left area of the prompt box)
there’s two white boxes, under Use system timer for:
Playback time,
Record time.
Also I would make shure Program priority is set at Highest.
Also there’s a distinc possiblity that when you upgraded your computer during formatting you wiped out your registration info, inside Ntrack.
This would mean you now using the unregistered version, which will block out the sound every ten seconds or so.
Also if you managed to re-register Ntrack, you may still have the compressor plug unregistered, since it’s different. This would cause problems on any track your using compressor on.
Based on the info you posted, my diognostic is you wiped out the reg. info for Ntrack.-hence the cutting out effect.
But as far as the lag, I would take Marks sug, now that I told you how to find it.

keep shinin’


Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for the info. I am registered, I’m not using the compressor, and I’m not using the SB Live either. I have a Terratec EWS88MT 8 track sound card. I went to their website yesterday and installed the latest driver version which has help with the sync problem. But I still have this annoying interrupt which throws everything off. Also I have a problem with my 1Gig 400 MHZ DDR Ram mysteriously filling up on its own. I have a program that monitors the RAM in use, and when I start the 'puter, it begins at 25%; if I leave it for a while, when I come back, I’ve seen it as full as 97%. When this happens, I start getting this IE has performed an illegal (something), and will be shut down. Funny thing is, at the time, I don’t even have IE activated. Again HELP!!!

SB = Sound Blaster (Duh-me :D )

Sounds like a virus to me, or spyware,
has attached itself to your Explorer.
Try runnin’ Macaffee or somethin’, and squash that bug!


or… it may be the virus scanner that’s causing the problem if it pops up and grabs some cpu every now and then!


Yes, run adaware and spybot to check for spyware. I assume you use this computer on the internet and it’s not just devoted to recording. Also check for virus, as suggested.

Also run msconfig to see what resources you have running in the background.

I’m assuming that when you upgraded you did a fresh install of Win98. Second edition? You certainly have the power to go to XP, of course at a cost of $100 (#### Gates overprices his upgrades!)