help !! problem in the mixdown operation


hi evry body here please i want solution to my problem and quikly plz

when i mixdown a track as a wave and then listen to it i hear a stange tone while the track is playing and it repeats itself 4 or 5 time in the track and it begins in the 52 second

so please answer me quikly because i want to mixdown my songs and it’s a great problem … thank u guys

Sounds like you may not have registered n-Track yet.

you will need to register it to remove the tones from the mixdown

If you are using the demo version of n-Track, it puts in a tone periodically, encouraging you to purchase the product. Could that be your problem?

i had downloaded the version from the site so is this the demo ????

Yep, it’s the demo. But it’s also the full version. When someone buys it Flavio (an automated thing in any case) emails out the registration code. Enter that code and the demo becomes the full version. No need to download it again.

If you want a workaround, you can loop your soundcard outputs back to the inputs, and record. After a while, you’ll get tired of this and it’ll be worth the $50 to be able to use the nice quick off-line mixdown – which gets better fidelity too. NOTE: make sure you’re not monitoring the line inputs before attaching the loopback cable. (See n-track menu “View -> Soundcard’s mixer -> playback”, for controlling this with built-in soundcards.)

You can also do this without a cable to loop back, using “Record what you hear”, on some sound cards. This is called “Wave Out” for some soundcards.

There are other advantages to offline mixdown: Even if you only have a 16-bit soundcard, you can mix down to 24 or 32 bit formats, to prepare a mix to be mastered (by someone else, or in another application). Yes, this is worthwhile even if you only have a 16-bit soundcard.