Help!...everything went away

Upgrade to 4.5

Upgraded to 4.5 and now everything has stopped working. Even the old 3.3 has problems. when I installed 4.5 I got this error message:
Module C:\Program Files\Fasoft
-trackstudio4\dxirewire.dll Failed to register HResult 2147024889 Contact your support personnel.
If I skip over it, it will install, and initially work. but when I go back in the error message is:
Ntrack.exe Fatal Error CLR Error: 8007000b the program will now terminate.

Sent this problem to Flavio and have gotten no response…what is going wrong.

Hey blooze,

What build of N-track are you using? I used to have similar installation problems under Windows 2000 and 98 before build 1828 came out, so if you’re using anything earlier, you should try the latest build. I also had crashing errors under Win 98, but I don’t remember if it was the same one you’re seeing or not…


Thanks for replying.
I was using N-Track 3.3 and tried upgrading to 4.5. My computer is running Win98SE and always seemed to run ok. I am not sure what 1828 is??

The whole thing started when I added a harddrive for storage and all of a sudden, I could hear the audio, but it would not record. Still not sure what’s up with that.

Tried upgrading to 4.5 but the .dll error keeps me from running it. I think I should chuck the whole computer and start from scratch!


Sorry…what I meant by build 1828 is the N-track build number. Whenever changes and bugfixes are released in N-track, it’s called a new “build”, and the “build number” usually gets bumped up a little from the previous number. This is different from the “version number”, e.g., 4.04, 4.05, etc. The version number can stay the same for a long time, while the build number can change frequently–sometimes daily.

If you look at the Download page, you’ll see that the current build number is 1844. If you click on the “What changed” right under that number, you’ll see that there have been several 4.05 builds (e.g., 1825, 1826, 1827, 1837, etc.). For build 1827, you’ll see a note that says “Fixed installation problems on Windows 98-ME-2000”. This is the build that fixed the installation problems I was having that were similar to yours (I said 1828–I was wrong, sorry), and it was released on April 18th. Theoretically, every build after that–that is, everything after April 18th–should also include the fixes from 1827 and earlier builds, so installing the latest build, 1844, will include the fix for the installation issues.

So what I was trying to say earlier is that if the N-track you’re trying to install is from before April 18th, try the latest build, since it fixes the installation problems I was having which sound similar to yours.

As far as 3.3 goes, I think the 4.05 installation may have screwed up some registry entries, but I’m not sure. I’ve had problems having both simultaneously installed in the past, so I only use 4.05 since it works ok for me.

How’s that for answer bloat? :laugh: Just trying to make up for being vague before. Hope build 1844 fixes the problems!


Hi guys…see there have been some install problems with 4.0.5 etc.

I’ve just got around to paying for the upgrade from 3.3 to 4.0.5 (24 bit) for my Lexicon Omega soundcard, but…

…didn’t even get to where Blooze did!

The (big) install file ran the net install, then bombed at the n-track install after saying it would overwrite old install, with message like “This advertised application will not be installed as it may be unsafe. Contact your administrator to set installation user interface option of the package to basic”…!

This is beyond me, so I’ve sent a support request to FAsoft. Maybe someone here knows how to do this?

Any help appreciated.


DD and others…

My biggest concern is the error message that includes:“dxirewire.dll Failed to register HResult 2147024889”…I know just enough about computers to be dangerous and in checking the folder, I noticed that it did download the dxirewire.dll…just not sure why it is not registering…if I could figure that out it would probably be 50% of my problems. The other 50% is the sudden problem with being able to hear the audio out of my speakers…just will not record on ntrack or any other recordable software on my computer…and yes my record and playback in the MS Windows sound control are correct. Getting so frustrating…considering taking my project to my friends 16 track analog studio and completing it.