Help! I've lost my Audio HD.

Any ideas?

My PC has been acting strange for a couple of days, so I checked it for malware, but just a bit a adware was found, no viruses or anything like that.

I ran scandisk on the system disk, but that was OK.

I used Regmechanic to check the registry, and there were quite a lot of errors there, which it fixed.

Then, after a reboot, my audio HD (not the system one), seems to have disappeared.

And it’s the same in the BIOS, there is apparently nothing on IDE1 (my audio HD ought to be the master on there).

So, checked plugs and cables, and all seems fine.

So, any thoughts anyone?

Win XP SP2,
Shuttle 865 mobo, intel chipset and Celeron 2G.
20 G Maxtor system HD
96 G Western Digital audio HD (or, at least it was!)


Did you try change the HD to the IDE0 bus? Just to look at setup BIOS if it will appear.
If yes (I hope so) maybe a cable problem or damaged IDE1 bus.

Thaks mak, but I really hoped no one would suggest that, it’s going to take a major restructuring inside to try it. :(

Can’t someone just say; “run HDFIXTHINGY.EXE” or something? :D


Hey Ali-dude,

This is gonna sound nuts… lay your PC on it’s side and boot up. If your audio disk re-appears and functions, back up any data you need off of it then go buy yer self a new one and replace it. So I don’t sound completely nuts… Drive bearings sometimes fail and will not allow the platters to spin up to speed so, the drive just says “Aw heck, I’m going for a smoke.” Laying the drive on it’s side might allow the platters to spin up and function long enough to get your data backed up. I seen this trick work before. At the time, I thought it was a freakin’ MIRACLE! Just two more and I’m a saint? Nah.


just please, please, please don’t use any of the myths on the net like freezing the drive, dropping the drive, tapping the drive, etc…


HardDisk offenly die in that way, at least the ones that die at house did that in a similar way you describe. The HD´s im talking become die because electrical problems in my area, too much tension fryed them. If the disk IS OK, and the fail is in the electric circuits, you can try search the exactly same model at e-bay and replace the circuitry. If i correctly remember, Teej did something like that time ago, you can try ask him.

Ali, that’s a bummer…

We’ve done the same thing as what Marce described. (And it worked). The doozy is trying to get the same HDD…

Tim, I’ve been in this game for over 10 years, and NOTHING surprises me. It may sound nuts to the rest of the world, but to the brotherhood of the IC it all makes perfect sense :D

Ali, it sounds like it must be either an ide channel that fried or the circuitry of the HDD. (Does the drive spin up ? Making funny/weird/grinding noises ?)

If it was the platters or heads, it would at least detect it in the bios. The circuitry reports the HDD to the bios.

Not an easy fix. (Unless it is the IDE channel - I’m hoping alongside Makako.)


Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ June 01 2005,03:09)
The doozy is trying to get the same HDD...


Depending on the make/model of the drive it could be VERY revision or firmware specific.

If you shoot me the model # I may be able to tell you for sure if you need to worry about firmware and revision or not.