Help! I've messed up.

Hi, n-Folk. I was going to jump in to topic 'v6.0.6 But thought better of it.
I am, without doubt, the worst and most dissorganised filer ever to breath air. I found n at early v6 and treated myself to a new machine for it (as you do). I gave it it’s own partition. HEAVEN!
Last night, after doodling with tunes for a couple of hours, I shut it down as normal. Today, my documents was all but empty and after a mad panic, did a search and found them buried in docs and settings with this ridiculous long path. This is where my skills a patience start to fall apart. What’s the best way of re-rooting all my stuff back to where they belong and how did I manage to hide them? Cheers all.

If you want to save the work you did and you can open the Ntrack file ( songname.sng) I would then use menu File > Move/ Rename file to move all of the files (sound files and sng files ) to an appropriately named directory. This will move all your files and work where ever you designate in one easy move.
In the Settings > Preferences you will find the last tab ( think last is called Files) contains a space to designate where you want files to be saved.
Windows wants to stick any saved work in the Settings and Document folder so that is the “default” for most programs now a days if it is not specifically told not to (I hate that too)- I think, and hope, this is to be changed with Windows 7.

Cheers, Bax. I’ll try to get my head round that, shoulders back and get brave.