HELP! I just upgraded to 24 bit, but...

I keep getting an “Error opening wave input device. Make sure that the sampling frequency and the recording format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the Setting button on the recording vumeter are supported by the soundcard” message when I try to turn on the monitor button on the recording vumeter.

I"m using an Indigo IO soundcard with my laptop/running XP/have upgraded my drivers/am trying to use WDM/am using v3.3

I have tried every 24bit setting in the dialog box. I hope it is something simple. Please help. I never had this issue with 16bit.

Thanks in advance.

I was not able to get my Gina24 to do 24 bits unless I used the Echo Purewave Device. I don’t have it in my machine right now so I can’t look to see the exact settings, but I believe that showed up as an MME device in n-Tracks. WDM and ASIO would only do 16 bits. In the case of the Gina24, that was a limitation of the drivers. My guess is that the Indigo is doing something similar.

I tried using MME, but I received a message saying that it can’t be used 24bit. Only WDM and ASIO are 24bit compatable. I’m still stuck. I upgraded to get the most out of my card. Fustration.

TomS, I believe you had/have this card?

I think I have it…maybe, if the Indigo is the same as the Layla24 (yes, I have a Layla20 and Gina24 but usually rely on the Layla20 because it has a 9-10 output pair).

Open the Echo Console (Indigo Console).
Select Settings (button)
Select the Drive tab (should default to that)
Click the Advanced button.
This will open the Wave device configuration.
Switch the Mode for each input and output from WDM to PureWave.
Apply or OK. You may have to reboot.

The device names as seen in n-Track Studio will now be something like MME:Indigo 1-2 Analog Out PW and MME:Indigo 1-2 Analog In PW. Select yer choice of these.

Anyway, that just worked for me with the Layla24.

I certainly appreciate your help phoo!! But, all I see are:

MME: SigmaTel…
MME: Wave Mapper
WDM: SigmaTel…

Nothing Echo except for ASIO. Everything worked fine in 16bit.

Click on the HAMMER at the bottom of the playback meter - in select audio format box select 24 bit - Ns defauld seems to be 24 bit unpacked left justified - my Delta 4/10 causes same error as youi have untill i reset as above - also tick apply settings to all channels -

you have to do this for every new song but not after a song has been saved (i think) -

Dr J

I’m losing my mind over this!!

I’ve uninstalled both the soundcard drivers and n-track. I reinstall both a number of times. I register as 16bit and things seem to work. I re-register in 24bit and everything seems fine until I make any change in the settings box and try to turn on the monitor button.

If I change anything in the “hammer” box I get the above mentioned error when I try to turn the monitor on. If I change anything in the audio devices box - error message when I try to turn on the monitor button. Always when I try to turn on the monitor on the recording vumeter.

I’ve tried every combination of drivers and bit settings. I don’t get it!! This happens in v3.3 as well as v4.x. I appreciate the responses I’ve received. There must be some stupid, simple thing I’m doing wrong.

To confuse things even more, I’m getting error messages in 16bit versions about 24bit incompatability and the need for WDM and ASIO. But I digress.

I tried the ASIO drivers in 24bit and can turn on and off the monitor, but if I open up the “hammer” box I run into another problem. If I touch the monitor level knobs or sliders I get a myriad of little “Error setting Asio monitor level boxes” dialog boxes. I’m not sure what sliders and knobs do in the monitor section of the Select audio format box, but I’m sure not to create error messages. Also, there is no radio button for mono in ASIO. Why? But I digress again.

I’m assuming that for 24bit I must choose WDM or ASIO drivers and MME or wavemapper for 16bit. I’m at a loss.

I just want to use 24bit v3.3 (or v4.x) on my laptop with my Indigo IO cardbus soundcard without getting the error message from my first post. I hope I haven’t scared off further suggestions with my rant. I’m tired now. That was cathartic.

What version echo driver and echo console is installed?

ASIO is always shown in STEREO PAIRS - i.e. on an 8 channel soundcard only 4 ASIO channels i.e. xxxxASIO - xxxxASIO 1 - xxxxASIO 2 - xxxxASIO 3 are shown -

MONO when recording, if the content of both tracks is the same, the stereo track can be split into two seperate tracks and one track deleted

although there are difficulties using ASIO it is the best driver to use with a 24 bit system - the problems you have now are mothing to the problems that WDM and MME will throw up - early versions of N do not handle WDM drivers correctly - late V4 onwards are OK - foe MME read LATENCY -

what causes the most difficulty is that each soundcard that uses ASIO has its own control panel - N should have NO control over how ASIO is set up -a problem arrises when the soundcard reports one thing and N rejects what the soundcard says - hense errors - in this situation it is N that has to be setup to accept the soundcards directectives -

the soundcards default setting should work with N so needs no alteration but you still have to know what it does -

Dr J

Thanks for not deserting in my hour of need. Just to clarify, my problems have been with WDM. I’ve avoided ASIO because I thought it was too complicated. I may have to reconsider.

phoo - driver and console 6.14

DR J - I’m trying to use “an early version” v3.3.

MME tells me to use WDM or ASIO for 24bit

After booting up, WDM appears to be alright, but then freaks out as described.

ASIO monitor button turns on and off. Maybe I don’t need the Monitor section in the “select audio format” box (the one with the error messages). Maybe I need to pursue ASIO and forget about WDM. Any thoughts?

Are you saying that when I click on the rec. vu settings, I’m opening up a dialog with Indigo, not n-track? There are three “levels” of dialog boxes - hammer->select audio format->ASIO settings->ASIO control panel (pick buffer size) for what it is worth.

One more question. For mono would I choose stereo to two mono tracks and just not record from one of the channels?

Thanks again for all the input you guys have given me!!!

Quote (harphunt @ Nov. 29 2006,22:02)
One more question. For mono would I choose stereo to two mono tracks and just not record from one of the channels?

Yes. Stereo > two mono tracks. If you like to record just one mono track (say from channel 1) you click the red round button in Recording meter window and choose: ch1 > record to a new track; ch2 > don't record from this channel (or sumthing like that, I donn't remember the exact wording).

What worries me is that these are the only devices showing up in n-Tracks:
- MME: SigmaTel…
- MME: Wave Mapper
- WDM: SigmaTel…

Could you pop open the Echo Console and see if the steps I suggested to switch from WDM to PureWave are possible with the Indigo? If not, what settings do you see?

It’s a known issue with the other Echo cards that plain WDM and ASIO will not work as 24 bits with many apps. There’s a list of apps in the Layla/Gina help files that show some, and the suggested settings. Unfortunately, I didn’t see a list like that in the Indigo docs. Anyway, ya GOT to use PureWave to get 24 bits in those apps. My feeing is that even though that’s not spelled out in the Indigo docs it’s still an issue.

This may be something that Echo Support can answer.

Who rocks…? Phoo rocks!!

I reswitched to Purewave and got the same devices, but decided to try the ASIO echo pci. Everything seems to work!! The knobs and sliders in the monitor portion of the “select audio format” box don’t create a myriad of error messages!! (although I had to fiddle and unchecked “monitor 2.0 enabled” and the sliders created error message. I changed to different devices, came back to asio, and they work again. I know. Stop messing around). I’m able to switch between stereo and stereo->two mono tracks without monitor button freakouts.

The proof will be in actual recording tomorrow night. Tonight’s old man band practice! Since I have your “ear,” there are three subsections in the settings box - Channels (I get this one) - Force 16 bits (I don’t know why I would want to do this) - Monitor - (with what appears to be a left and right side with a slider and knob and out channel # box for each). Do you know what this last one does?? Should I care right now?? One last thing. Should I start off with the default buffer of 512 samples??

Thanks again to all! Fingers crossed.