Help! My plu-in are gone after re-install.

compressor and eq lost in space.

I had system failure, so I reinstalled win98se and ntrack 2.3
Win 98SE is up and running, N-track 2.3 is up and running and as I suspected, no compressor and no EQ, so sad.
All of the effects are behaving as not registered, ie. non functional.
I paid for them and I should be able to use them.
Does anyone know a way to get them back online?
Are there other good compressor and eq plug-ins out there for n-track, perhaps a graphic eq?
How do I e-mail Flavio? i have tried the support form and get the same response / auto response each time. No help!

Thanks, James

The compressor and EQ were/are downloadable .exe files that you were given a link for when you bought them. If you no longer have the .exe files to run, email flavio with your details and the approx date you originally bought them and he may sort you out. AFAIK, they are not available to purchase separately any more as they are included as part of v4 anyway.