Help! Split 1 Track Into Many For CD?

Cutting up 1 track

FASoft is great, but wayyy more technology than I really need. Can anyone tell me, or direct me in the Owner’s Guide, to answer this simple question: I have one long single-miked track of my band practicing. How do I chop it into the individual songs to burn a CD? I apologize for such a basic question, but the Owner’s Guide is geared for doing things far more advanced. And advanced I ain’t!

You may do it in your cd-burner by just adding markers and splitting there. Nero will do itfor example.

You may also do the slizing in audio editor program, audacity comes to mind.

It also possible in N-track, but I use editors.

Record it with the “recorder” that came with windows at CD Quality (44.100 hz, 16bit) and then split them with a tool like WaveKnife

But you will found that learn how multitrack record your band will help to sound it better. And you can start with proggies that dont cost any money (like audacity or Krystal), or very little, like ntrack.

Willy to the rescue once again:

Haha, thanks. Saves me searching for that link!