HELP! tech stuff!


If you look at one of my V6 feature request posts, I asked for sample accurate renders/freezes etc. Try it sometime. Freeze a track a time or two and/or render it to a stem. Compare the resulting files and see how the lengths are different.

OK, that explains why I haven't had a problem. I don't use the freeze function very often and when I mix down I always unfreeze the tracks first. I never mix down to stems.

I first caught when I started using VSTi’s a lot. I would freeze them to free up CPU trying to avoid pops and crackles in playback. Well I got to noticing timing discrepancies but not every time. So I started running tests by freezing tracks, rendering the whole tune whatever… and opening the resulting file or files in Adobe Audition. Much to my surprise, the lengths varied even though they should have been exactly X seconds long.

Before I found out about EDL export, I would render whole tracks for export into another DAW. Again, much to my surprise, the tracks should have been exactly the length I specified to render, but upon import into the other DAW, the start points were wrong. A quick look confirmed that again the lengths were different. I finally narrowed it down to tracks with FX or virtual instruments were by far the worst offenders. Thus, I concluded that PDC is somehow broken.

I’ll do the same tests in V6 to see if the situation improves.


PS Like I mentioned earlier, it took a while and bunch of griping from users, but they got Reaper to do sample accurate renders. So I know it can be done. We’ll have to wait and see…