Interface difficulties

I am using N-Track 9 and have slowly been becoming more and more acclimated to the software and really enjoy how versatile it is. I have been using it since last July and until now have been using the microphone input on my computer for my recording. I have a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter for guitar and bass and have been using an old Tascam 24 track machine to daisy chain the XLR input through the headphone output and into the computer input. It’s been awful so I purchase the Lexicon Alpha interface as suggested by the list of interfaces compatible with N-Track studio 9 and downloaded the drivers from the Lexicon website.

At first, When I selected the USB Lexicon Alpha option as my input and output, I was able to hear my instrument and was able to record with it. However, if I deleted my track and tried to start over there would be a half second delay between my instrument and the play back in the headphones. I would change the input to something else, then change it back to Lexicon Alpha and it would return to normal. I had to do this for every take I did. Until it stopped working completely. Now Lexicon Alpha USB shows as an input and output option but an alert pops up every time I try to select it and says to check the input selected as it is not supported. I have tried to uninstall and re install the drivers, restart the computer and adjust levels but nothing works.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do? Please help! Anything is appreciated!

There will be 2 locations to have full control over your USB audio. 1 is in the windows sound control panel. First of all you need to decide what format your going to use in your project, IE 24@96,000hz or 16bit@44,000hz. You will need to go into windows sound and set this up there. Once you do this make your USB sound card “DEFAULT” test audio to make it works in windows. Then go into n-track setup your project to reflect what you set in windows. Then use “ASIO driver” as they have the lowest latency. You will be able to set the latency, 5ms is good lower than that might see artifacts in the audio but 5ms is pretty quick. 10ms will be cleaner but there will be a slight delay. This should sort things out for you.