DAW boot problem

Hi again all :)

Ok, here’s the deal, for various reasons, I had to do a re-install of XP (home edition, SP2), on the DAW.

But, it will now only boot from the CD. It runs ok from the HD, so it’s only a boot problem apparently.

And, I’ve re-installed it three times now, and it’s the same every time, (and the third time, I formatted the system disc, so it was a totally clean install).

Anyway, here’s the info, and some of my thoughts.

As Tim might recall, my audio disc disappeared a while back, but after swapping plugs, cables, etc., it reappeared, so at that point, I left it as it was. (And walked away gently).

So, the system disc ended up as IDE1 Master. Audio disc was/is IDE0 master, and the DVD/CD is IDE1 Slave. But I made IDE1 master as the first boot device in bios and it all worked Ok.

Ok that is, until my recent re-install.

The system disc now appears as D:, whereas before it was C:. The audio disc partitions are C, E, F, and G.

So before I open the beast up and start playing with the hardware, (which is a #### difficult job as fitting it all in to a RV was no joke), could it be a software prob?

The re-install never went smoothly. I often got “I/O” problems (the DVD/CD drive I assume), and had to reboot during the re-install.

But everything seems to work ok, it’s just that it will only boot from the XP disc in the CD.

I ran FIXBOOT from the recovery console, but that didn’t help, and anything beyond that is out of my depth.

Anyway, here’s the BOOT.INI, but I’m a wee bit confused as to what it means, but I think that IDE1 master is correctly specified as the OS, (there’s only 1 partition on that disc).

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS=“Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition” /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

So, any ideas folk? Hardware? Software? Me? :D


Try changing the [rdisk] parameter in the [boot.ini] file to zero.
This parameter tells where (on the controller) the operating system lives.
As it is, it’s set to the SLAVE, which appears to be your CD/DVD drive.

The [rdisk] parameter works like this:

0 = first disk on primary controller (usually primary master)
1 = second disk on primary controller (usually primary slave)
2 = first disk on secondary controller (usually secondary master)
3 = second disk on secondary controller (usually secondary slave)

However, if it doesn’t work… :D


Thanks Steve, I will try that, but before I do, I wanna get this absolutely clear, 'cos if I f**k it up, it ain’t gonna boot at all! :D

My OS, and the ‘supposed’ boot HD, is the master on the secondary controller, not the primary controller.

So should I change the rdisk to 2?

Or, does the fact that I’ve told the BIOS that IDE1 is the first boot device and not IDE0 change that? ???

And just so that I know what is going on, what do the (multi) and the (disk) parameters specify?

I’ve looked at the info on, but I seem to be suffering from brain freeze, 'cos it just confuses me. :(

Anyway, more than time for bed, so I’ll give it a try tommorrow.


Mmm, you’ve muddied the waters a bit, but it’s ok.
First, make a bootable floppy and copy your boot.ini file to it. Then you can always copy it back to the root of your C drive if thing go wrong.

The hardware ID does not change depending on the boot device, so (0) is still Primary Master etc… whether you boot from it or not.
However, drive letters DO change, which is why your Audio drive is now drive C and why thing have gone a bit pear shaped.

Good Luck!