Help California decide

where to sell it.

So they don’t exactly know if they should sell the happy smoke in wallgreens, bars, or 7’11’s.
That couldn’t be much of a prob.
They also make a good point in saying criminals don’t pay taxes, many states are loosing a lot of tax revenue!
But please lets not over tax those who legitimately use it for medicine.

I do know one thing, ,many new groovy music venues will develop if and when they decriminalize.
This would be a great thing for the music industry!!!
The term happy campers could take on a whole new meaning in Cali!
Can you say “groovy man”?

Proof pot makes you stoopid

(I saw this on Q13 news when they reported it - that’s the local Fox station - we were all cracking up)


Well what was the darn score?
3 to 3 or 2 to 2?
They probably didn’t bust him because his mother in law showed up! snicker
You don’t suppose a friend or neighbor caught wind of what the pot cop was up up to, snuck in and spiked their drinks do ya?
Or is todays pot that potent?

:laugh: thx for sharing Phoo! :agree: that’s great!

I myself would like to see it legal and taxed. I used to smoke it but as time went by, It eventually got to the point where, one toke, and I would just pass out. Oh well. I don’t drink coffee for the same reason.


Nothing good will come of legalizing pot. Wait and see…


Quote: (Diogesneez @ Jul. 29 2009, 7:39 PM)

Nothing good will come of legalizing pot. Wait and see...


There will always be naysayers.
Especially coming from the religious right. You can look at anything and find where something wrong has come from it.
It will be a big plus for Cali in many many ways. This is way over due.

I bristle at the prospect of being called “the religious right”. I am not “religious”… but I AM right. You think Cali has budget problems now!!! I can’t believe they’re stupid enough to even be considering such a thing! (Err… wait… Yeah, they probably ARE…)


D when I said religious right I wasn’t thinking of you.
But now that you mention it :laugh:
Your views are obvious, so is your life style.
Your strait laced in a way, so who cares?
I believe that it hasn’t been legalized based on the beliefs of unqualified people.
People who know nothing about pot or it’s effects.
I know.
I smoked it from 67 - 88 = 21 yrs.
I wasn’t a heavy user, average like other musicians. I probably had some every month for 21 yrs maybe every week for 21 years.
In 88 I took my last puff because I wanted a job more than a buz.
I haven’t smoked any since then and I never ever even wanted any, longed for it, or craved any of it.
I walked away from it easily unlike cigarettes, that was a chore.
But I know from experience that it has a positive side that far out ways any made up beliefs that put this funny stuff into a war.
Get real!
It’s about time this country woke up.
:peace: No, your way wrong.

I guess we’ll see… IF they are dumb enough to do it! :peace:


Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana. The government has tried to use criminal penalties to prevent marijuana use for over 75 years and yet: marijuana is now used by over 25 million people annually, cannabis is currently the largest cash crop in the United States, and marijuana is grown all over the planet. Claims that marijuana prohibition is a successful policy are ludicrous and unsupported by the facts, and the idea that marijuana will soon be eliminated from America and the rest of the world is a ridiculous fantasy.

aaahem “currently the largest cash crop!” It’s not a bad thing, and who needs cash? :laugh: Unfortunately we all probably do.

Please… you don’t need to try to convince me. Did legalizing alcohol improve anything for anybody other than the brewers? No. Same will happen for pot. There will be absolutely no benefit.


I suppose making people happy is no positive, or having a crop to harvest isn’t much.
Or making other goods from hemp and
possibly even finding a use for energy.
I’m sure that the tax’s it creates or the tools to grow, harvest and market the stuff will have no positive benefit.
I’m sure that the advertising dollars or the warehousing or the shipping costs will be of no benefit to anyone.
Or the idea of YOU running your wild side with your nutty posts here at nTrack would be of no benefit to any of us :laugh: You on pot?
That would be way to hilarious to be of any good to anyone!


You say you haven’t smoked weed in a while? Get a big fatty and smoke it. Do a tune on n-Track - post it and then tell me it’s cool and you can do fine under it’s influence. I double dawg dare ya!

Crime will increase
Health care will increase
Insurance will increase

They gonna get enough tax revenue to cover it? H#!! NO! Come on man… There are some people out there who can be ‘responsible users’ of pot and alcohol. It’s the idiot abusers that we non-users/responsible ones have to pay for that spoil your Utopian dope smoking paradise. Think about it… obviously you haven’t considered the negative aspects. It’s the same crap teenagers spout, “It should be okay… everybody (sic) is doing it.” How irresponsible towards everyone else!

You have your mind made up and I can ASSURE you that you are not going to change mine so let’s stop here. I don’t have a dog in this hunt anyway. I can’t vote in California! (Darnnit…)


PS Poppa’s dare sounds fun. Go for it. Just be safe eh? I’ve lost too many friends lately…

Legalizing dope will do nothing more than simply accelerate what is already work-in-progress…an emerging society of lamers and slackers who want to do nothing more than eat burgers and rent movies…a nation of zombies who no longer want to think for themselves and want to “chillax” while the slippage and slouching towards Gomorrah continues. Hell, that just gave me a great song idea for our next cd. :laugh: :agree:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jul. 31 2009, 6:56 PM)

You say you haven't smoked weed in a while? Get a big fatty and smoke it. Do a tune on n-Track - post it and then tell me it's cool and you can do fine under it's influence. I double dawg dare ya!

:laugh: double dares are hard to pass up!
Pops I'm getting the impression todays pot is a little different.
It was getting real good back in 88, 1 - 3 puffs and a strong clean buzz.
I might use a buzz like that to jam or get an idea, but I wouldn't want to get high to record, produce a song with.
And definitely not for performing.
I'm pretty comfortable with the way I do it now.
It's true some would have to learn the hard way.