help changing drum patterns

Drum patterns

I have read the tutorial posted on this forum, but I can’t get it to change patterns.
The page changes but always stays on pattern A.

I have followed the tutorial and used channel 16 and the events he listed, but doesn’t work.

What am doing wrong? Where is good documentation on how to effectively use the drum portion?


Hey Michael,

Are you sure you’re sending the output of the control track to n-Track drums on channel 16 (as opposed to listening to the input on channel 16?) It might be easier to help if you could post a screenshot(s) that includes your events list and the track properties.

That’s a very good place to check.
Thanks for the response. I will try to post a picture. A little later if I still can’t get it to work.


Cool, good luck. At least in V5, you have to open up the track properties to change the MIDI output’ channel. The top dropdown box on the track in the timeline view only seems to affect the input channel.

Found the problem - and it was just as you suggested. I wasn’t sending the event to the correct channel.

Glad I could help :)

Once you figure out the couple places to make settings, it’s pretty strajghtforward, and NDrums is pretty cool.