Help downloading plugins

hep me, hep me!!

Hey guys, every time i try to download a plugin from a link you all have posted, it always try’s to open it w/ paint & it says “paint cannot open this file” & then i try to open it w/ windows & it also says that “windows cannot open this file”. what do i need to do? can somebody help me please?

I think you have to move the file (plug-in) to a folder (existing, or one you create) that pertains somehow to your app. Then, (in Cool Edit Pro for instance) you “Refresh Effects List”, and the new plug-in appears in your drop-down list. I haven’t tried it in n-Track yet, though.

Looked in the ‘Help’ file?

Most plug-ins are in .ZIP files. For some unknown reason .ZIP is associated with your paint program. You will not to unzip it with an app that decompresses .ZIP files. This is built into WinXp so if you are on that OS something has corrupted your filetype association.

Save the file. Right click on it and select Extract All… though this may not be an option since the file association is messed up. I don’t know how to get that back if it’s messed up.

How about right clicking and choosing ‘open with’, then select winzip from there ? Then check the box that says something like ‘always use this program with this filetype’

That’ll do it if WinZip is installed. Good call.

thanx guys! i don’t have winzip, but i guess i’ll have to get it. It’s pretty irritating not being able to check out these plugins.Thanx again!

you can open windows explorer, click on “tools”, in the dropdown window at the bottom click on “folder options”, in the window that opens click the “file types” tab at the top. scroll down to the bottom of the list and you should find .ZIP file type. click the “change” box and a list of programs to use to open the file type ZIP will be shown. choose WinZip executable or one of the programs listed. ok’s and apply’s on you way out. the next time you open the file it will use the program you selected to open the file…
hope this helps
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hey Cat,try Zip Central instead of winzip,its just like winzip,but i got it for free an winzip you’ll have to pay for im pretty sure,sorry i dont have a link for ya,but a quick search should get ya there.

Another vote for ZipCentral… although I don’t use it anymore since zip functionality is built in to Win XP…