Help me a little to win

if you want

Quiet guys, im no asking money :D
Hi friends. A web Radio Station The Composers Channel is promoting itself giving to the member that most new guys hearing it invites, the Garritan Personal Orchestra library.
It sounds delicious for my ears, and if you want to help me win that thing, you can go to the Radio, and when you are asked about who refered there, Marcelo Colina, marce, its me.

Sorry if im breaking any forum rule, consider it help for a poor (ambicious) musician :laugh:

The music that is played there comes from the Garritan forums in much cases, and i can asure you that is nice quality one.

See you, and thanks to the ones that help me!

I think I did it, anyways. I was hard to tell if it worked. ???


I entered your name in the “Referal Area” of the site. I opened an account, as well… That GOP Software looks great… You’d get a lot of use from it, if you get selected, and win it…

I am unable to listen to their radio broadcast… My dial-up is too slow… :laugh: :O :p lol…

My friends are getting sick of me with this dial-up… Mabey, they’ll get together and get me a High-speed connection… Do you think??


When i heard about a Radio that gives like prize a High-Speed connection, i will remember you Bill :D

The GPO? Oh, does it look great or what!

Edit: Done!

No. he is talking about some Republicans-Only software he know about. It identifies by your typeing style if you are a conservative, and if you aren’t, it locks up and destroys your PC.

Sorry, I got the initals mixed up in that post… lol…

Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO)

It looks good, though. I have this song that I’d love to have some strings tracked, for it… A couple of violins and viola, and mabey, a cello…

Again, My friends say to me… " I ain’t calling you anymore… Every time I try to call you, your phone rings busy… You must be downloading files on your computer "… Mac used to tell me, to stay off them Porn Sites… :p


Quote (nergle @ Jan. 31 2005,12:47)
OK Marce, and I expect a free can of corned beef for this! :D


Always thinking in Food Ali, eh? How is your colesterol now? :D
Maybe, if i win, i can compose something in you&me honor called "poor-hungry-but-good-n-forum-friends.mp3"