Help me Choose a Monitor

Can’t decide which is best

So my family gave me a $150 gift certificate to Guitar Center (thanks family) and I need powered monitors, as I’m using bass heavy Altec Lansing computer speakers to mix. I want to limit the cost to $300. I do this purely as a hobby, record myself and friends for fun on the family computer. Speakers will also do double duty to play computer music for wife & kids.

I’ve listened to & narrowed down to: KRK rockit5 ($300) & V2 ($500), M Audio BX5 (Yuk), Event TR6 ($400), Alesis M1 ($400), and the M Audio Dx4 ($150).

Out of these, with price no object, the KRK V2 in a heartbeat, but they’re more than I want to spend. I’m leaning to the KRK Rockit5, but they have a hole in the mids. I loved the mids and highs on the M Audio DX4, but it has absolutley no bottom end.

Question is, can I add a subwoofer to the DX4 and get a sound with a decent bottom end? Is there a risk it won’t sound good? Will the sub overpower these small speakers? Adding $150 for a sub, I’m now to the price of the KRK Rockit5s.

Any opinions?

You might consider doing a pair of Tannoy Reveal passives and an Adcom GFA535 amp. Doing both off eBay will give you a very nice setup for about $300-$350. Then add a power sub later.

The Adcom GFA535 is a superb sounding amp and since the Reveals are 6 ohm, this amp will put about 80 watts per channel across them. The Tannoys are pretty nice too, I bet you’ll love this setup for both near field mixing and general listening.

You might want to look at some small PA speakers. You can get great sound, high power-handling capacity, and big woofers to move real air for 300 - 500USD, brand new, and from pretty much every manufacturer from Crate to Yamaha. Ever notice how real the recorded music played between shows at a big concert sounds? PA speakers have to reproduce the entire range of live sound, and even low cost ones can be really swell sounding. I use a pair of Peavey 2-way 10 inchers for tracking primarily, but I can mix on them with good results, and always include them in mastering listening. And maybe you can save enough to start a little nest egg toward the set of Adams that you really want! :laugh:

'tl next time;
Tony W

mateys’’’’’ all speakers lie. ive used a gob o’ spkrs’’’ frum urei time aligns costin gobs rite thru yer blinkin auratones’’’.
u can spend yerself into misery wiv spkrs.
eres cheapest way matey n chek me advice out mates’’‘
pair o’ minimouses , a clock radio n some ome hi fi speakers
n a car speaker fer mono checkin frum the rubbish tip n get yerself a spkr box ta switch tween em all’’’ point o’ all this ta make yer mix sound good on all o’ em n also get good mates in a radio station n take yer mix there n learn wot a radio stn does ta yer mixes usin orbans n stuff cos yer will larn a ton o’ stuff
frum tha radio stn blokes :D :D

ahh limey youre the best…

you been pushin those minimuses for years.

ive got 5 pairs. two sets i run with velodyne subs. very nice…


Thanks for the replies.

I’m limited to buying at GC, so the Tannoy’s are out tof the running.

I like the idea of the PA speakers, will check it out.

Limey, I’ve been following your (and others) raving on the minimouses, but I’ve scoured the Radio Shack web site and have not been able to find them.

I know there are several look alike models, which is “the one”?


matey there val tis tha minimouse 7’s yer want
ive forgotten but ovver blokes know da model numbers
wheres blinkin mac ‘’’’ e shuld know :D :D

Samson Resolv50 great sound…great bottom end. self powered…shielded of course and a great price. I got mine from with free shipping!:D

The Mini7’s aren’t on Radio Shack’s site anymore - neither are the RCA model that replaced them (these were almost identical to the originals and the original were made by RCA for RS anyway).

The last version they sold was RCA® 50-Watt, 2-Way Die-Cast Mini-Speaker, RS# 40-5001

Only the manual shows up in a search.…Reuse=N

so wots replaced em phoo matey
blinkin eck i rekkon da used prices on mouses will go bonkers :D :D

Limey, it appears the Shack has these now:

‘Sony]…39;Sony Speakers’[/URL]

I have always liked Sony products, and would hope these may be fair replacements. I like the look of the yellow woofers, sorta’ like KRKs… :)

'til next time;
Tony W

err, that don’t work right; try here instead, then look at the last pair of speakers…

Tony W

so wots replaced em phoo matey
Nothing in my opinion. I've never been a fan of Sony speakers. eBay and searching for the Holy Grail of little speakers will be a be a new task for many folks.