Help me get an SC-88 drumkit selected

Ok, I’m getting a little discouraged.
Selecting from a patch map would seem to be the most rudimentary function of a sequencer application.
I can’t seem to get what I want selected using the nTrack UI, and when I tried to write a VST to do it, nTrack shut me down there too.

Let me just ask if anybody (including the developers) can do this: create a blank project, add a new MIDI track, and set the track patch to an SC-88 drumkit.

If you can, please tell me how.
If you can’t, please tell me what the chances are of getting it fixed.

I was willing to hack around the problem for the good price of the product, but now I’ve hit a dead end and I’m anxious to actually work on the music. I’m not going to start manually calculating and plugging in bank and patch numbers.


Hi yendawg. I wish I was more familiar with your unit.
Can it not be configured with it’s own software?
Have you contacted Flavio?

You can just think of it as any other MIDI sound module. I used SC-88 because nTrack has the SC-88 patch map already.

If I set the patch up outside of nTrack, how would nTrack know which patch to save into my song file? I would have to separately set up the patches outside of nTrack everytime I load a song.

I came to the conclusion a while back that this was broke, but I got the software anyway 'cause I thought the VST interface could be used if I wrote my own plugin. Now that I’m feeling insecure about the VST support I’m praying that the nTrack feature works and I’m too dumb to understand how to use it.

Oh, re: Flavio. You don’t contact him here?

My apologies, Yendawg - I didn’t intend to irritate you. I use a couple of outboard midi units with n-T, one of which has to be driven by a Bakelite AtariST and oddly named ‘floppy disks’.
As the SC-88 is, in theory, supported by n-Track, I’m sure the developer would be more than happy to look into it.

Oh, no offense taken.
Support question has been sent off.