delta 44 soundcard won't work with N-trak

I just bought a Delta 44 card and set it up as suggested in the manual. I can hear my instrument using the Delta 44 sound card, but when I try to record something using N-Track, it just won’t record anything :(

I had an integrated sound card before and everything was fine…

I tried to record with Microsoft sound recorder just to see if it recognizes my Delta 44, but it wont record anything either.

what have i done wrong…i am so frustrated :(

Guys…please help me…

why on earth does the Record button keep flashing on my N-Track…and a message keeps displaying “Waiting for incoming sync signal”

You may want to try going to M-Audio’s Driver page and get the latest drivers for your card and OS. Then run through n-Tracks preferences and Audio device setup to make sure you are using the Delta drivers in n-Track.
Then in Windows go to Control Panel\Sounds and Audio Devices. In that Properties window, select the Audio tab and set the Delta as the Default device for the options listed. You may want to do the same for the Voice tab as well.



sonnet, have you set up n-Track to work with your new hardware? If not, n-Track is still attempting to record sounds input through your onboard soundcard.

The ‘Wait for incoming sync…’ indicates that you have set up n-Track to sync to an external device. I suggest you get the n-Track manual if you haven’t already got it. Section 7 deals with synchronization and describes how to set up the program to act as master.

regards, Nils

Hey guys…thank you…thank you…thank you soooo much for your concern. I had no idea what was happening. I finally decided to reset my n-track and all its settings to default. I disabled my old sound driver and I can record right now. (N-track figured out all the settings and my new driver)

Now, my problem is when I record a track and try to record another track, i can’t hear the previous track i recorded.

In my sound card software, i have two options:
1) Monitor Wav and
1) Monitor Harware (in this case, my instrument)

when I check “Monitor wav”, i can hear what i recorded, but I cant hear when i record…
and when I select “Monitor Instrument”, I can not hear the track i recorded, but i can hear what I am playing…

What is the solution to this problem…

I hope i dont need two soundcards now … :(

thanks once again…

In the delta control panel there’s an options for ‘mix’ as well…

That should give you what the software let out and what the input hear.



Dit : This be it …

whew…man…thank you so much…yeah…i had no idea what that mix option was for. I had to tab to another area and find out.

Thanks guys…i am really happy now…gotta go and catch some sleep… :p

Cool man !

I remember the 1st time I looked at a pro soundcard’s driver coming from a ‘normal’ soundcard - I had the same questions as you.

All the routing options and things were (is?) quite daunting…

Cheers !