Help needed pls, computer issue

If I put two tracks in nTrack V5 or V6.

With track 1 playing and and track 2 muted:
Normally if I hit the solo button on track 2 it plays instantaneously canceling out track 1.
I use this method to compare similar tracks or mixes.

But I’m having to wait 6 seconds now.
Five or six complete seconds of quiet, while the song plays with no audio signal present.
What causes that?

Pls help, just started a month ago.
Comp doesn’t go online.
Windows xp Serv Pac 3
Intel P 4 cpu 2.66ghz
m’audio delta 1010
They all work fine together.

I’m starting to think that it’s an nTrack issue because while one track is muted both vu meters for each track shows a reading.

Also, if you click solo on and off for the same track you get intermitting play.
In other words after it starts to play the audio will stop and come back on as if it’s remembering the click, as the song moves along the timeline.
ntrack build 2548
anyone else see this? If so I’ll post a bugtado


There’s two preferences that will slow down things or speed them up. I bet one or both were the reason.

Make sure Read data from tracks even if muted is checked. That’s my guess as the real culprit.

The other option is Keep audio devices open but I doubt that caused your issues since they don’t need reopening if at least one track is playing. This will slow down startup when first playing.

It’s weird when you get issues like that, and your scratching your head
trying to figure it out. And if I had posted 'Levi - try a clean install’
you would have thought - "Jesus Seven don’t be a …"
A clean install would have been the last thing I would have thought of.
But now, I will keep it in mind when things just don’t add up.

So!? One can assume that, ‘clean install’, means; remove n-Track, entirely from your system before re-downloading and re-installing it?

(and not, ‘clean’, as in; n-Track, dipped in bleach with a rubber on?)

Hi Levi:
That’s interesting and fascinating…

Lately, every time I update and install a new build, I check the box that requires me and reverts the newly installd build…
to default…
It’s a chore to have to recheck all the boxes the the preferences…
but it ensures an install that is “Fresh”…

I don’t know if that’s the “Same-As”…

Is that what you guys are refering to ????


Thx good buds! We b trackin!