HELP, no recording signal in n-Track 7

help with recording settings

I just upgraded to n-track 7, 64bit.
Using a Soundblaster Z card under win 8.1.
I am able to record from track to track in audacity, etc.
I have tried virtually every combination of audio playback/recording device settings available in n-track(including
“what u hear” etc).
tracks are set to record, signal is good on my external mixer and from pc speakers.
But no signal on n-track meters and nothing will record on n-track audio channels, either from external source (mic) or internally track-to-track.
What am I doing wrong here? :whistle:


the fact that you hear the signal on the speakers means that the audio device is configured to echo the signal input.
If the n-Track meters don’t show the input signal it typically means that the wrong input (i.e. recording) audio device is selected in the n-Track’s Settings -> Audio devices box.
If the problem persists please post a screenshot of the audio devices box.

Also make sure that the correct recording sources and levels are configured in the Control Panel/Hardware and sound/Manage Audio Devices (Windows Vista/7/8). You can find info on how to set recording sources and levels in the “Getting started/Setting the recording levels” online help topic: