Help on plugin organization

folders, subfolders, menus

Hello All,

I searched around, but still need some help. I’m new, and testing n-TS. Before I go installing and experimenting with possibly many (mostly free) VST 2.x plugins, I want to understand how to best organize the plugin folder(s)…

I understand the plugins must all go in one folder. But, what about sub-folders? Can I create folders for, say: Synths, Bass, Delay, Reverb, etc., and then install plugins within those?

Point being, does this arrangement give you a nice cascading menu when adding plugins to tracks in n-TS?

Also, is performance affected (or are there problems) if there are too many plugins installed, even if only a few are being used?

Lastly, for commercial plugins, is registration handled by n-TS during startup or plugin scan? Perhaps this is always internal to the plugins anyway?

Thanks for any help.

Performance is not affected by how many you have installed, only by how many you use, although with most plugins you really can use a lot. Registration/validation/whatever for plugins is up to the plugin maker. In some cases you just get the plugin and stick it in the folder; in others there are validation mechanisms, but they are almost all painless. As for the cascading folders, I dunno b/c I just have them all in one big mess and I am disorganized. :) If you want a fun reaction, ask people what their favs are. :)

Thanks TomS, this is good news.

But…but…you didn’t ask what all of our favorites are. ???

Hey, I’ll ask if you like, but I won’t come back to read 'em :laugh:

Delay Lama.

Okay, here we go then. :;):

I think the one I bought that I use the most is NI’s Spektral Delay.

And for free, those from H G Fortune are just such fun. :agree:


Heh, knew you couldn’t resist looking.

I rest my case.