help please window 7 64 bit

new computer

well i just bought a new computer. installed ntrack,installed 64 bit drivers,yet things dont seem right. Can i use my old ver with this computer? i love and im used to this version hence ive never upgraded. i dont even like the way the new version looks. too complicated for little ole me,thats why i never jumped to the new stuff. my old ver worked pedfectly fine for me. i believe it was version 3.1 cant check because im on this new pc and to be honest i dont really like it. would much rather have my win xp machine.

it was ver 3.3 i believe. i keep getting an error that says mme buffers too high.

Well… I could say upgrading to the newest 64bit version would likely solve your problem but since you like the older version, I would suggest you get yourself another hard drive, install winXP on it, install your older version of n-track and then run your system on dual boot configuration. This way you’ll have the best of both worlds.


Thanks Paco. Don’t want to sound like I don’t like the new version I’m just saying I’m sure its got way too much for me to learn. I’m sure its probably much better than my old version but that ver did everything I needed. Im just not all that smart when it comes to these things and ntrack was the easiest by far for me to learn for my needs. I deejay for a radio station and do all my mixes on this. I was just overwhelmed when I looked at the demo version after installing. So I take it I have to kick this computer to the curb then. Oh well that’s why I hate new technology. Everything was just fine before. Thanks again Dan

Running an older 32 bit application on a new more advanced 64 bit operating presents inherit problems due compatibility issues. I would suggest that the basic features found in v3.3 are most likely still there in the newer version. I hope you can find something to replace your software. Given what you’ve said the installation of a second hard drive would solve your problem. Once the version of XP is installed on the new drive you will be prompted to select your OS on boot up. I run this here both XP and Win 7. Best of luck.


Hi deejay. I’m sure you could get your head round V6 - if I can (ish), anyone can.
Jump in. These guys will have you up an running in no time.

I went to a nice new computer this summer running Win 7 64 bit, had a few issues but
I am fully running n-track 6.1.0 and most of my old plug ins now.
I did settle for the
32 bit version of n-track because of a number of older 32 bit plugins I want
to kepp using, but still, it runs great in Win 7 64 bit.
Did you try the old ver 3 n-t 32-bit on your new Win 7 box?
It just might work.
Win 7 has some abilities to have old apps run as if they were in xp.

Thanks everyone for the support and kind words. Unfortunately i have already removed that machine and put it away. I might just give it another go if my xp machine has problems down the road. It was just a huge headache trying to get everything figured out when i installed it last night,so im gonna put all that on the backburner for now and stick to what i know. There were so many things and screens in the new version when i installed it that i felt completely lost. I am now right back at home with my fairly old version. Dan

Deejay, there is a compatability feature in Windows 7. Go to the n-track program folder, right click on the program, select properties, select compatability mode tab, then select Windows XP mode, and that may clear it up for you.

I myself do not use Windows 7 because it no longer allows me direct access to my soundcard’s mixer panel like XP does. I have even tried installing third party mixer boards, and they cannot see what win7 itself does not show, so I gave up and stayed with XP. Perhap it is because I am using an older version of ntrack myself (ver 2.3) for the same reasons that you use an older version. Perhaps newer versions contain controls for the sound card, I will investigate this and see for myself.

CAUTION ON DUAL BOOTING: Be careful if you’ve never set up a dual boot operating system before. Windows XP will erase your Win7 bootloader, and you will not be able to get into 7 until you reinstall it. There are only a few solutions to this dilemma. A- you can use a third party bootloader to get both o/s boots. B- you can wipe 7, install xp first, then reinstall 7 and it will give you both bootloaders, or C- Unplug the 7 drive while installing XP, then plug it back in when done. Your XP will not show up in the boot, but you can edit the 7 booter to include xp (check the microsoft website for instructions on editing your windows 7 boot manager…)


Cheers Danny. I dual boot - your wise words should come in handy in the near future.

Hey guys.For some wierd reason i hooked everything back up, and things seem to be working with my old version so far.hmmmmm.Maybe it was Dannys tip…I did try it.Only thing is everytime i open N my monitor has to flip over and everything seems really big and blurry. I tried auto tune and adjusted the resolution in the control pane and nothing has worked.Everything else works just fine. Only when i open N do i have this issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh i dont have this problem opening anything else.Dan

might i add,when i open the new trial version of N things look nice and clean crisp.

Hi Deejay. Have you tried a clean re-install of n-T?

will give it a go

same thing…

can i still upgrade from my old ver or do i need to pay 64dollars