Help Please

I need some advice on editing…

Hello All!
I need some help if someone can spare some time.
I have a VERY large project file (the “song” is one hour long!). The project has two tracks, a large WAVE track and a lrge MIDI track.
The WAVE track has the audio part and the MIDI track is used to control an outside device.
Here’s the problem, in the middle of this song is a huge (10 minute) blank space. This was a “pause” I put into the show when I was making it look like it was two seperate shows with a little intermission in the middle.
Now, I want to cut that part out - but the WAVE file and the MIDI file have to be kept in sync with eachother.
When I do the normal “cut” tool - it just leaves a big blank spot in the file that the computer still “plays” even though this area is now empty.
Does anyone know how to make the play area “jump” over my blank spot or how to cut that part of the project out so that once I cut the wave file it splices the ends together.
I’ve been playing with this for days -and I know it’s probably a simple solution that I am missing.

Thanks in advance, and Happy St. Patty’s Day!

I’ve never moved midi tracks, but the part of the audio track youi want moved can be “grabbed” with the “enable mouse waves file dragging” button (looks like a cross with points). One thing I’d do first - I’d save the song under different names, and never work with one of them (e.g., “original recording” or some name like that) to make sure you always have a version that has all the info before editing - in case you edit it and the midi timing no longer is in sync with the audio.

But, like I said, I dunno how to move the midi data to keep it in sync with the moved wave file.

Slainte agus tainte!

In the piano roll midi editor, you can zoom out to see the whole song, select the notes you want to move (all of them to the right of where the first part stops) with the ‘select notes’ function (default), then grab any one of them and drag the whole tune over to where you want it to start. I would do this before I moved the audio files, because then you can line up the audio with the midi more easily than lining up midi to audio.

There are probably three other ways to do this that will all work, but this is the one I know… :)

Good luck!
Tony W

Thanks! Both of you helped me so much! I didn’t know how to do either of those things… and that what I needed to work this out.
I did hope there was an easier way to just snip out the blank parts - but in life what ever works the way you want it to?
Thanks again - you guys saved me from having to re-record an hour of files… it would have taken me DAYS!!!


When moving audio files, you can “grab” as many of them at once as you’d like, and doing so keeps them together - I do this with drum overheads, e.g. Is there a way to “grab” both a midi and an audio track together, to keep the timing where you want it? I’ve had to manually line up audio files in the past, and it can be done, but I know that the result is not sample accurate as to timing.

Anyone know how to grab both an audio track and midi piano roll and move them together? Does n-Track have that ability?

:) It wouldn’t hurt to copy those tracks and edit on the copys. Also make sure that you doing a non distructive cut in case you need the almighty “undo”.

I haven’t had to fight this particular problem either, however, I think your best answer might be to record the midi tracks as audio. Once everything is in .wav files Ntrack cn help you edit and mix beautifully.

Thanks for the advice -
I have to keep the MIDI as MIDI becasue the system the computer is connected to needs the MIDI signals to change lights and operate other stage props.

Thanks for writing though - it keeps my problem at the top of the list!

Beth Giffen

this is messy! - you cannot cut a piece out of a MIDI track, BUT you can move the data within the track -

try this - import MIDI file, open piano roll - placs cursor above the lefthand side of data that you want to move, hold down SHIFT key, leftclick mouse, as you move the mouse you will see the outline of a box appear, drag mouse around so box emcompass’s all the data you want to move - release shift ksy - slowly move mouse to left edge of selected data untill a cross appears, now leftclick and drag data to new position -

practice this first - use UNDO to rectify errors -

when happy with above, insert wave file -

select wave file by clicking on it, then go to EDIT/non destructive/splice - here you will find 4 ways to cut pieces out of a wave file - practice highlighting and cutting out and moving/removing and joining up sections of track - use UNDO again to rectify errors -

by moving the MIDI data to the start of the ‘break’ area and cutting out the ‘break’ area from wave file you will you will soon get the hang of aligning the wave track to the MIDI file and adjusting the wave file so the two tracks are in sync again -

do not save anything unless you are totally happy with it -BETTER STILL make a copy of both tracks and practice on the copys -

Dr J

On the same topic, when you move a midi part from one track to another, it will stick up all intermediate midi parts/tracks, that exist on the way to the target track, to your original midi part. So you end up moving all the midi schenaneggans not your original single part

Is this solvable?

Can I just move a midi part to another track without this sticking up effect (as can be done with waves)?