Help recording cleans

Cleans are too quiet

I’ve been using Ntrack for about a year, and I kept meaning to get around to asking, but it seems that I can record my distorted guitar tracks at a much higher volume than I can my clean tracks. Is there any way to correct this. I’ve found that the compressor sometimes works, but is not always super. Thanks for your help.

The reason you cannot record clean guitar as loud as distorted guitar, is that the dynamic range (the difference between the quietest and the loudest sound) of the clean guitar is much larger than with the distorted one.
Compression diminishes the dynamic range and can help. It also tends to “flatten” the sound.
Other people here will be able to tell you how to apply compression to clean guitar, while still keeping it lively, much better than I could.
Apart from that, you could just turn the volume down on your distorted tracks, couldn’t you?

One of my favorite recorded tones is my Strat through my Korg Pandora with a Blackface amp model, COMPRESSION (Just a little dab will do ya’) and a touch of Rotary speaker effect. It records clean, punchy and sounds GREAT in the stereo field. If you have an outboard effects unit similar to the Korg, try it. Remember, you won’t get the same effect if you record the signal dry and try to compress it via software plug-ins. You can do the “LIVE” processing thing I guess and use a plugin for the effects. This has not proven satisfactory to me though I have not used Native Instruments Guitar Rig or the like. Some guys are saying its great but I have no personal experience with it.


Ok. thanks. Sounds like I’ll be using a dab of compression. And I could just turn the distorted effects down. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t doing something stupid. Thanks!:)