help upgrading to 9 please

I need upgrade help

I have version 7.1.2 (7 x 64). I went to upgrade and was charged $39.00. The purchase is listed in “my purchases”. It instructed me to open n-track, go to “help” and select “activate” -There is no “activate” listed in my help. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong or how to proceed?

What version did you upgrade to? What happens when you open the new program?

I upgraded to 9. I finally got it to install. You have to download an installer. That was not clear to me. So, its installed but I had to go back to version 7. I cant use version 9. I think its just too complex for a home user like me and over my head. I never got a single track to open!

7.1.2 is a great build.

Thanks Tony v9 is actually a little more like some of the pro packages out thhere that cost a lot more… A LOT MORE, than Ntrack. After 3 hours there were just too many things wrong and not working. My brother is pro and has more experiance. WE DELETED AND REINSTALLED! I still have not worked through all the normal, expected growing pains, but, it appears to be functioning. It has some great features, I like the new vocal features as well as the guitar amps. We had some fun playing with the Cher autotune effect😁but I have not had to to play/experiment sinse. I really think once I learn my way around I will like this version best :laugh: