Help using midi

no playback

Ok, I finally got midi to show up as recorded (I hope I can remember what I did - I had to do some recording and I reset everything to avoid possible problems)
I’m using a keyboard (piano) and a layla midi in. I got the screen to show that the midi had been recorded, but no sound was made when I pressed play.
I’m sure all of this is really simple, but apparently I am even more simple.
Can anyone give me the steps to make this happen. I’ve read the book, but apparently things have changed or I just don’t get it.
Thanks for the help,

Go to your preferences>midi devices and select there any valid output (microsoft wavetable can be your option) or use a VSTInstrument

nevermind… :laugh:

The Layla has no onboard sounds - external MIDI ouput only. Listen to marce…and teej. :D