Help with audio interface

Hi guys.
Brand new to the form board but i have been using n-Track for about 3 years and i love it. i want to move away from using my Sound Blaster X-fi card and get something like a Scarlett 2i2. My question is are any of you running one if so what do you think or for the same price is there something better. Also how do you go about setting up n-Track to use something other then the internal sound card. Any help you can give would be great.

Dave Moore.

ps im running Windows 7 64bit

Can’t comment on yor choice of interface. There are a lot of good ones but I have a more expensive multi track unit. As for setting up what ever unit you get,: install the units drivers and start up ntrack. All of the new drivers will be available in the Settings > audio menu. Everything else will work the same in nTrack, but different interface have different features ( although they are simular) and sometimes there are issues that have just be klutzes with.

lot to consider with sound cards,

for example, there are firewire interfaces, USB, etc.

If you go firewire make sure you use TI chipsets.

you can do better in the same general price range of the Scarlett IMHO, Grace, FMR RNP, etc.

I’m just not a big fan of Focusrite, they had some shotty builds IMHO, most specifically the 8’s.

Thanks for the info guys I’ll do some more looking.