Help with drivers/ settings, etc

XP system, Audiophile 2496, no sound

System meltdown this winter forced me to start over -
New operating system, new hard drive, etc.
Downloaded latest drivers for audiophile 2496 and can’t seem to get drivers right. The old system worked fine, but the setup now isn’t working at all.

In n-track
Audio playback/recording devices show:
WDM: m-audio Delta AP 1/2
WDM: m-audio Delta AP Multi
WDM: m-audio Delta AP S/PDIF
m-audio ASIO

Recording devices also shows
MON. Mixer

Pentium II
Audiophile 2496
M-Audio Monitor Mixers
XP, n-Track 4.04

I could hear my guitar through the speakers as I played, but can’t get any sound out of the playback. Winamp and Windows Media Player don’t have any sound either. What have I done?!

Andy B

Hey Andy,
If even Winamp and Media Player aren’t working, then it sounds like you need to check Wav Out settings in the Delta Control Panel. The settings for my 2496 are:
* Under the “Monitor Mixer” tab, WavOut 1/2 is NOT muted or at zero volume.
* Under the “Patchbay/Router” tab, H/W Out 1/2 is set to “Monitor Mixer”.

I think these two should make a difference for all programs, but ask here again if they don’t. In N-track, I currently just use ASIO for both input and output, but it has required tweaking (buffers); I have also used “WDM: M Audio Delta AP 1/2” for input and “WDM: M Audio Delta AP Multichannel” for output with less hassles (used “low buffering”), so you might also try that. YMMV…



Thanks, man, I think we got it.