help with jamstix

so i got my new jamstix,very excited,…but when i push play on n jamstix goes crazy and wont stop unless i close n.


How are you using it?

Do a search for Richlum’s posts both here and on Audiominds. Very helpful.

In my own experience, Jamstix isn’t a tool you can just plug in, switch on, and hit go. It’s powerful, complex and detailed and needs to be understood and then configured.

I don’t know why it should behave as you are experiencing but you are working with two pieces of software that have only recently come together and are still somewhat in development. There probably isn’t that many users of the JS/n-Track pairing so perhaps you’ve found a setting or configuration that doesn’t work or a bug.

Jamstix shouldn’t go crazy and not stop unless you close N…
If you press stop in N then Jamstix should stop playing also…

As for “going crazy” the default funkiness and complexity sliders are quite high for pop/rock type of drumming and it will do a lot of funky and complex fills and improvisation type stuff.
I find it best to set the funkiness and complexity sliders to almost zero and then move them up if you think the drums are a bit boring or just to add some different bars once you have most of your bars “locked” in the arranger window.

Are you jamming to midi or audio?

What version of N are you using? I’m using build 1846 and it Works fine with Jamstix for me.
The only bug seems to be that once I have added N as a VSTi if I try to delete the channel it is on N crashes.
I installed build 1980 the other day and it allowed me to remove Jamstix without crashing, but there were other performance issues (excessive CPU usage and pops and clicks in songs I wasn’t getting them with in build 1846) with the build so I am back to build 1846 again as that is stable for me.