Help with Live inputs please!!!

Ok the problem is this… I downloaded some VST plug in amps and have no idea how to make them work. I have mucked around with my system for hours, playback works fine. Recording works fine, I just can’t hear a #### thing when I plug the guitar in and try to play.

Can someone PLEASE help with this?

And another minor thing is that my metronome always says “unable to create ball” whenever I try to get one up… No idea how to fix that either.

Click the “live” button on the tool bar. This will let you monitor live input but may also have a brief delay between when you pluck a note and when you hear it. That is why I use an external mixer. Then I can monitor from the mixer as I record without any delay

I’ve tried that. I hit the live button and nothing happens… hence the hours spent trying to fix it.

thx anyway.

Quote (mr mungbeen @ Mar. 19 2005,23:32)
I've tried that. I hit the live button and nothing happens.. hence the hours spent trying to fix it.

thx anyway.

:D You might want to add a blank audio track to ntrack, then add the plugin effect to that track, then hit the record button for that track, which you have also applied the live input recording setting to, then start recording.

OR Record your guitar, get the best sound and siginal that you can recorded. Then open up the effects dialog box for that track and add your amp modle, make adjustments and mix.

Don't worry it will all work!

Ok now I’ve managed to get sound out of my system… I’m still not entirely sure how, but it wasn’t through n-track as now I can play my guitar through the speakers even when n-track isn’t running.

Now I can’t record… :angry: I have an active record VU meter, but the master meter is dead as a doornail…

At the moment I couldn’t hit sand if I fell off a camel!!!

Quote (mr mungbeen @ Mar. 20 2005,01:21)
Now I can't record... :angry: I have an active record VU meter, but the master meter is dead as a doornail...

Sorry but your going to have to be a bit more descriptive. When you say you have an active Record VU in ntrack but not an active Master VU that tells me that your not playing back anything, and you are just getting a VU reading prior to hitting the big record button next to the rewind arrows.

If your playing a track while recording but there is no vu for the master channell that says that you have those tracks muted or the track your recording soloing. (there are other things that could cause this but I doubt if you've found thoes strings yet lol Hit if you have!)

If your that new it will fall in place in a short time.
Basic Setup steps:
Ntrack prefrences
1. chooe your record sound card
2, choose your playback soundcard

From the Record vu meter, click on the hammer and
set those options.
The same from the playback VU meter hammer.

Then you have 3 mixers to deal with; soundblaster record and soundbalster playback and ntracks mixer.

You can reach the soundblaster mixers from ntrack's view minue.

You'll get it! We all went through that! You might spend a couple hrs reading the help files from ntrack, that works fastest when first starting out. But it takes some tweeking, even after you start recording, there will be more tweeking.
Don't worry about it we all like to help!
:D Tom

Thanks for the help. The problem I have is as if n-track is just not receiving information from my line-in on the sound card. Now I can record, but I get nothing on the mixer, no effects work and neither does the tuner. I just get the raw sound of my electric guitar through the speakers on the pc whether the live button is on or not… ??????