Help with mixing this?

Hi all.
I just had a go at mixing a song for a charity album I’m doing (after a bottle of red…and only on headphones…and not recorded on N)

I need to get this ready for mastering…but after being in the studio with professionals I have a new lack of confidence.

Any tips?

Song is here:


How’s it sound in speakers? drums seem too far behind to me. But your voice is still fabulous, as is your writing. :laugh:

Aw thanks Tom! This is actually one of the FAWM efforts from way back in Feb…

Had a listen in speakers, as well as crappy laptop speakers too.
I think you’re right.

Vocals and rhythm seem a bit hot too.

Do I bring drums up…or vox/guitar down?


Crank 'em all! Crank everything1 Smash it hard with a smashing compressor!

Heck, I dunno, I don’t know how to mix. Me, I’d just do a submix of the drums with the bass, smash 'em, and bring them up a bit. But ask someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Great tune, though. I did not remember it from FAWM. Oldtimer’s disease I guess. :agree:

Hi craig
you have a really strong confident voice & i really liked the song
i think i might try just making the guitar more trebly so it lifted it out the mix that might sort everything out.
for such a good tune i really thouht it could do with some more instrumentation,it sounded a bit bare bones
Toms the man with the thousand guitars he would positivly stuff it with guitars, hes your man!


Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 06 2010, 8:54 AM)

Crank 'em all!
Crank everything1
Smash it hard with a smashing compressor!

Heck, I dunno, I don't know how to mix.
Me, I'd just do a submix of the drums with the bass, smash 'em, and bring them up a bit.
But ask someone who actually knows what they're doing.
Great tune, though.
I did not remember it from FAWM.
Oldtimer's disease I guess.

Hi spreadercraig:
Save all the tracks and bits-and-pieces.. Follow TomS's suggestions.. See what develops from them..

It sounds great over here.. :agree: :)


I think Craig’s spare arrangements work really, really well for him. His voice is the thing. I think the tone he usually uses, which is a whole lot mellower than lots, is also exactly right. Anything brighter would compete with his voice, which, as I might have said before, is the thing. :laugh:

Why thank ye Tom.

Ok a new mix:

Added some top to the rhythm, and stereo’d it. Upped the drums, downed the vox and eq’ed everything just a little. Started with drums and bass (Hi Bill)

Am I near?

Hey Craig, good songwriting! :)

Do you have the drums on different tracks? Eg, kick, snare, hi hat?

Unless you were going for the ultra clean/polished pop sound the song IMHO would benefit from some FX on the drums in places, little distortion on the hi-hat, E.Q. on the kick, and more grit on the snare (it was hard to tell if you had some one there or not in spots) I’d EQ the Bass guitar to.

Other than that, if your going for a clean sound this is a good mix, a little low on the levels but with a little Mastering to boost em, you got a nice tune there man! :agree:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Vocal is now lost in the mix a bit. Just the tiniest bit. Just the smallest amount up. Otherwise, that sounds really, really good to me. I wouldn’t change a thing. Tell us about the drum track. Nice.

Thanks Jerm and Tom.

As long as I’m in the ballpark I’ll just tweak the tiniest bit now…(not sure on the eq’ing Jerm, what would you suggest?)

The drummer has done a lot for me on this album, and usually he’s a ‘two takes maximum’ guy. Awesome.
All the tracks were recorded in a studio, so yes the drums have a mix on their own (which just complicates this for me!)
Bongos were a very cool afterthought. :)

Hi spreadercraig:

Far be it for me to say…
Sometimes you can get too close to one aspect or another of working on a project that yea can’t see the forest for the trees…

I’m sure that these Big Places use many people in the process of arriving at the end product of a song-or-project…

For example, if the producer is one-in-the-same…
Bass Player, Drummer .etc .etc .etc
you know…

Is that .02 worth…


…but am I looking at trees or a forest Bill? :p

I see where you are coming from…but time is an issue here. The whole project needs to be finished…mastered…printed…shrinkwrapped etc by December 10th…(it’s a charity thing)

I have a guy doing mixing/mastering but his opinions aren’t the same as the studio engineer (who hasn’t the time to do it for free)and vice versa…

Just trying to move it along!

I still say that that mix is entirely convincing, and that your voice just needs the slightest bump up, the tiniest, littlest, eensty-weenstiest prod. :agree:

I’m sure, I didn’t see all that is in your topic…
You are in the midst of finalizing a CD Project…
I missed that…

In that case, make consistency between all the tracks, the prime objective, in the post production work… You’ve already been through all the forests and trees…

I’ve been there, done that…

The next stage is
what I call… “The End of the Project… Blues”…

We used to talk about things like…
If we ever do another one again… We’ll never do it that way again…
OR Worse… :)

Sorry, that ain’t funny…
you know…
this will lead into another one (project), that is…



Ok...tweaked th vox up a little on that one so it should be sorted now....

One more song for you to listen to if you would?

Hows the mix?
Cheers again!

Back Again:

Thanks for the link…
Great sound, spreadercraig, for what’s that worth …
The Vocal is in the right place for my taste…
I particulally like the separation and Edge on how the bass track fits into the mix, for other tracks…
How you manage that, is beyond me…
As well, it (the bass Track) doesn’t wash-or-crowd any of the other tracks…
and it positions the rest of the other tracks and supports the Vocal just nice…

two thumbs…


THat’s a different song. :)

IT sounds like quiet the commercial endeavor there Craig, I think the mix suites that.

But for personal and artistic reasons would be why I would add the things I suggested.

Do you have freeQ? there are a few presets on there that would give some of these instruments little bit different notches, including the LEAD vocal preset that would help that come out in the mix.

We don’t know much about it, so maybe you already have things like this on the instruments and vocal and just needed that little bump up on the vocal, couldn’t listen because the link was to “Jokes on You”…I guess it really was one me. :whistle:

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

Thank Bill

Jeremy, the link to the first song is the original one on page one…sorry.

The link you heard is for the other song I’d like you guys to take a look at…two songs all in all that I’ve ended up mixing

Anyone But Me:

Jokes On You: