Help With N-traks AUXES

hi guys i dont really use much effects on my recordings but lately i want to record some rock/metal type of thing, and since i hardly ever used the auxes i was wondering if some of you can tell me (pictures would sure help a lot) how to put delay only in the end of the verse on one track with the vocals, not the whole vocal track just 1 or maybe 2 times to make it beefier. how do i do this?

Hi Daldo,

no time for pictures ATM, but I can do you a few words.

1. Add desired effect to Aux channel. Set it to 100%. Other settings to taste.

2. Push the aux send slider up on the channel you want affected (don’t worry about the fact it sounds over the whole of the track for now, we’ll come to that).

3. Push up the Aux return (next to the Aux window). You should now hear you track being affected. Adjust to taste.

4. Now we play with the envelopes.

5. Now find the black triangle/ramp icon on the tool bar. This gives you access to the various envelopes that n-track can use.

6. Click the arrow to the right of the icon. A drop down will appear. Select the “draw send volume” for the aux channel you are using.

7. A blue line will appear over your tracks in the timeline. Find the track you want to adjust the effect on. Add nodes and drag up and down in the relevant places so that the effect only sounds where you want it to… Trial and error may be needed to get it just right.

8. When done either click back on the black ramp icon (V5) or the White arrow (<V5) to hide the envelopes.

C’est tout.

It’s much easier to do than it sounds. I’m pretty sure that this is in the manual too (probably with pictures!)


thanks man. that was really helpfull