Help with old n-track files

Chnaged to Win XP now can’t read files

Hi Folks,

I am an infrequent visitor here - I go through “phases” of recording using n-track. It has been a long while since I did any recording, and the last lot of recordings I did was on a Win 98 SE machine and I backed all of my files onto CD.

Now I have a laptop running Win XP and can’t read any of the CDs. I think (but not sure) I used Nero originally.

Any ideas folks?

Do you remember at what speed(s) you burnt your backup CD’s? In some cases CD media (especially, but not exclusively, no-name or cheaper brands) may lose information burnt onto them at higher speeds in just a couple of months. Have you tried reading the CD’s on any other CD drives? Some drives are picky with the media quality, too…

regards, Nils

how are you attempting to open the files? i would recommend copying the files from the cd back onto a folder on your hard drive. can you do this?

you may also have to change the “read only” property on all of the wav’s and project files if you are trying to save the .sng file or do any desctructive editing.

Data CDs may not be readable unless the reader/writer driver/software that created them is installed. I suspect that’s what’s happening. I have a whole pile of data CDs that were created with Easy CD Creator - actually whatever it’s data CD creation app is called. I can’t get any to be read since I no longer have Easy CD Creator installed. In hindsight there was an option to create these in a way that could be read by any CD rom drive – yes the CDs were closed when writing was completed. I THINK I used that option, but don’t know for sure. In any case these CDs can’t be read by any machine in my house now.