Help with Tascam 224 and monitor levels?

Hey All,
I’m hoping somebody might be able to help me out. Forgive me if this has been asked before…
I’ve got a Tascam us-224 and a Turtlebeach Catalina soundcard. I’m trying to configure Ntrack so I can monitor (through my computers speakers) the music while I’m recording it. I can record it, I can even see the vu meters moving, I can play it back, but I can’t hear it in real time as I’m recording. I’ve played with the audio/asio/mme/ds sound settings for hours and I’m not too frustrated to continue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



as long as the input monitor light is lit on the unit, it seems to work ok for me. N-track doesn’t seem to have a setting that I can find
but the way I understand it, the monitor function runs in the unit before it gets to n-track.
btw I’m monitoring through the headphone jack.


On the US-428, you’d be using the Input Monitor also. Sounds like you have it, headphones or speakers should work- right?

Also, the word on two soundcards with n-Track is that it’s probably not going to be super successful. But I haven’t tried it, myself.