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error opening wave file

ok, I have been using n-track for a while now but I just recently baught a new computer. It has vista on it. I also baught a delta 1010lt and installed it. everything looks great Im getting sound how ever the input meter stoped working for some reason and when I try to record I get a window that says error opening wave file. any thaughts on whats happening your help would be greatly appriciated. by the way Im going to win the recording contest :) just kidding.

forgot to mention that i set it to use asio drivers. Is that the best one to use? I used to use the wdm on my old computer and it seemed to work fairly good but a freind of mine said asio was the way to go. Help

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Sorry couldn’t resist… Asio4all is the standard first step fix… or the asio drivers that came with your delta (if they are latest Vista ones.)

True story on the guitar stringed muffler by the way…

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Check your Delta card website and make sure you have the latest drivers and they are compatable with Vista. Asio is best for recording. Unless the Delta card has support for WaveRT drivers, Flavio included support for those in nTrack 5 (Vista only). Check that playback and record devices match, asio rec. asio playback for your Delta is selected in Audio devices.
If all else fails Poppa posted the asio4all link, it’s a workaround for asio by using your WDM driver.
Also make sure your settings in nTrack (sample rate 44100, 48000, etc, and Bit depth 16 or 24) match your card settings.


Fool around with the settings for recording by hitting the hammer icon on the REC Vu meter(s). You may need 24 bit left justified or one of the other options for the 1010 driver.


when I baught the delta it did not come with vista drivers so I went to there web site and downloaded them I will check the other settings again. the guitar string story was awsome. I checked that foto thing but I did not see anything about me. thanks guys for the help!

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ok I tryed the asio4all and it still would not work right then I switched back to the asio drivers in the box and it would record but it was reely bad it was making this loud shreel sound then I tryed switching to wdm drivers and its working fine. If asio drivers are better I would like to use them so if anyone has any suggestions I would apriciate them. by the way cute kid and thanks for that link to foto thats cool. I have been teaching guitar and bass for seven years and my wife has been teaching piano for about 5 yrs. we have a small studio in the town next to where we live and we have been teaching out of our house in van buren ar. but we just decided to open the studio here in van buren and include a recording studio. I have been recording bands at my house and decided to go for it. It is small but I have already been paying the rent with it and I am enjoying it alot. I stilll need some odds and ends but we all know that never ends.

Well good luck Bryan - you come to the right place for the odds. Dunno about ends.

So you’re gonna win the contest huh? Send a tune when you get things settled down.

Ok will do. hey can anyone tell me how to transfer stuff from n-track on my old computer to the new one? Im right in the middle of a project and my old computer is so slow. It would be great to work on it on the new stuff.

What I did was go to radio shack and bout a usb hard drive case and put my old drive in it. The op sys had crashed but my files were all still there.

If your old pooter still has some life and can burn a CD - that’s an option. Flash drives work too… lots of ways depending on what you have to work with.

What version of nTrack was the project started in?

I would have the whole project saved to a folder, burn a cd of the project, copy the project to the new puter, open in n, make sure the project song file is saved in the folder. Because it’s a cd you may get a read only error on the wave files when first starting the project but n should ask to reset them.

Sorry bout the asio not working, not sure why the asio4all didn’t work since it’s a stand alone and works off the WDM driver itself. May be some routing in the soundcar itself, check you delta manual, maybe someone with a delta card could add some response here.

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One thing we haven’t established is what version nTrack are you using ??????