Help with Tuner?

Where is the darned thing?

I’m a new user – just completed my first song this weekend! – and I’m still learning the amazing capabilities of this software.

In the meantime, though, one feature has me baffled. The manual refers to a tuner in the freq response page. I right-click on the response screen, and “Tuner” comes up as an option. But when I check that option, nothing happens. When I play my guitar, I don’t see any tuning information. :( I get a full, strong signal on the recording VU meters. Of course, I’m not sure what the N-Track tuner is supposed to look like, but I assumed I’d see some obvious lights or needles or something analogous to my stand-alone guitar tuner.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Pete “PapaRomeo” Rafle
Springfield, VA USA

Don’t you have to hit the “Live” button and have the input routed through the channel that the tuner is on?

I think you have to have “LIVE” processing enabled to use the tuner. Personally, I use the tuner built-in my Korg Pandora. Lots quicker than futzing with software. But if you ain’t got one… :)

Oh yeah… do a google for “free guitar tuner”? There are several freebies that run stand alone or as plugins. May be easier to use than n-Tracks built-in.


EDIT** Tom beat me to the punch!

Thanks for the speedy replies, guys. This is clearly the place to come for quick answers!

I’ll try that tonight. I hadn’t messed with Live processing yet.

And, yes, I have a good external tuner, but I was hoping to avoid having to unplug, tune, and replug, and I’d prefer not to have it wired in all the time.

Thanks again!


i find myself boucing around between audio apps so much during a session, i find it difficult to rely on opening an eq window in n-track to tune my instruments. might work better for you depending on how you’ve configured your n-track environment.

what i’ve done is connected my external tuner to one of the aux outputs on my mixer. then i up the aux out on whichever channel i’ve got my instrument/mic plugged into. now it’s time to tune, just flip the tuner on and i’ve already got the signal going directly to it. i highly recommend trying this if you’ve got a mixer with an unused aux.

I like dimmer’s idea a lot. That’s one of those things that make you go 'Now why didn’t I think of that ?!'

Thanks, man !
The obvious upside of using aux send is that no matter what you want to tune, if its plugged in to the mixer, you up the aux send of that channel and there you go. Brilliant.

Paparomeo, if you want to go software (outside of N) this is the one I use:

AP Guitar tuner

There is a version 3 out as well, but I’ve never used it.
Version 3

I use that same method that Dimmer does, only with an effects send - same difference essentially…

My biggest problem is remembering to shut the darn tuner off so the batteries won’t drain out because the cable is plugged in all the time… :p

time for a rack mountable tuner that plugs in then! priorities… priorities…

my little tuner can actually take a battery OR an a/c adapter but the adapter wasn’t inlcuded… too lazy to go out an buy one just for the tuner. so… it’s eventually become habit to just turn the tuner off as soon as the last string is tuned. :O

Peterson’s StroboSoft is a software version of their virtual strobe tuners. It’s awful sweet looking, but since I already have a StroboSTOMP, it’s hard to justify yet another tuner. But if you want the world’s best tuner on your desktop, this is the one to get. Only problem I see with it- so far there is no ASIO support. They have a great user forum, too.