help with vst arpeggiator

help setting up midi channels

I’d like to use an vst arpeggiator like Sanford to arpeggiate another vst instrument. I can’t figure out how to conigure the channels. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you familiar with Chainer?

You can insert this as a vsti into a midi track, then chain a
virtual instrument

the output would be virtual instrument through sanford.

Is that what you were getting at?

I did get Sanford working in nTrack.
It’s a little tricky but here goes.

Use 2 midi tracks.

You can import a midi file to track 1 or record a midi file.
As far as I can tell this instrument (Sanford) does not provide a
live output of appregiated notes.

You want sanford on the output of the midi track to be appregiated
and you want
your instrument (to be played) track to have sanford as the input,
and your instrument vsti (piano or whatever) to be the output.

Like this picture - sanford out of track one - sanford input of track two -

instrument vsti out track two

It is taking the midi from track1 then feeding the appregiated midi
notes to the input of track2 and having your vsti instrument play
the appregiated output.