Help with working on audio files

Don’t know if I can do what i want to do

Hi everyone,
I have a question on working with imported audio files. I have two audio files of an old song I wrote in the past. One is synth/intro type of thing and then there is the song file.
I want to have the intro play, then at the same time that is fading out I want to fade in the actual song.
I can import the files no problem but they both start at the same time. How do I or can I move the song file further to the right where I want it to start at? Or basically the same thing, how do I add blank space to the beginning of the song file so it does not start until I want it too?

Plus I will gladly take any tips and advice on selecting areas of the files and properly fading things in and out. I have not tried any of this kind of stuff yet and will appreciate any help.


Press and hold control then click and drag your main track out some.

I hate to start this way, but you need to download the manual. You will find it a wonderful help in using the program.
To answer your questions:
With the files open and on the screen, you will see an X at the bottom ot each ot the wave files - left click on the X and drag the files to the right. This will leave space at the front of the file. If you want to shorten a file, there is a box at the ends of the file, located toward the center of the wave from display, that can be used to shorten the wave form. All of this can be done “non-destructive” which means you can restore/undo changes you make. When you save the song as you have ammended it, the changes are savbed to a sng file, a template, that NTrack uses to format the files as you have done while leaving the orirional wav files unchanged.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help guys,
My apologies for not checking the manual first. I got involved with the program and trying to figure it out. Then I came straight to the forum without thinking of checking the manual.
I appreciate your help,

Coming here for quick help is a good thing WynD, lots of people here like helping and meeting. Just having a good time. We don’t always have the time to scan the help files it’s true. But Bax is right, n offers more than we realize and you can find that in the H/files. :agree: