Using N-Track Studio

I am trying to record with Karoake tracks. I have never used any studio
software. I really don’t much about this at all. I have been able to get the track to record but when i burn it the music is way to low
and the voice is loud. And i wondered if there was a phone number that i could call and talk with someone to walk me through this.

Nah. You can read and write just fine.
Tell us about your computer and how you are recording with it?

I have a Dell Intel® Pentium®CPU GHz,512
MB of Ram. I guess the sound card would be “SoundMax
Digital Audio”.I use my MP3 player to put in the back track.( Maybe because its a MP3 it could be a problem??) Then i take the jack out i( i think i only have one input. And then i record my voice with the music. Before i do all this i select the proper format mme SoundMax Digital Audio.But to tell you the truth i try and read the instructions but again alot of the terms i don’t understand. I guess i really am trying to wing it and i don’t know what the heck i’m doing.

when you playback on ntrack are the levels right?

Well i watch the levels but again to be honest not ever doing it before i don’t know where the levels are really supposed to be.

sorry I meant do the vocals and the music level sound right when playing back in ntrack?
as far as the VU meters just make sure they don’t go over zero.

edit. by “burn” do you mean record to the track or mixdown the song into a wav or mp3?

Thats just the problem i don’t know how it should be done.
I can burn a CD but it does not come out right like i said before. So i don’t really know how its supposed to be converted or what its supposed to be converted to. I know that must sound a little daf but thats where i am.

I don’t think you need to put the MP3 track in by pluggin the player into the soundcard.

All you have to do is take the MP3 player and plug it into the computer via USB and take the song into the computer manually, this will give you a much better sound quality on the music.

I can’t speak for the best way to go about recording the vocals onto the music then since you have not mentioned what kind of mic/mixer or outboard gear you are using to sing into.
Once we know that we can give you a better idea of how to proceed with that.

You can bring MP3’s right into Ntrack, it will convert them into a wav. for use while recording over, once you get it in there try to record your vocal track again making sure you do not go over -4db on the vocal track recording VU meter at your highest point (loudest part of the performance) then take the finished vocal track and backing track and mix the volume levels so the the combined volume does not go over -4db with a balance you are comfortable with, then slap on the Ntrack Mastering FX to the master channel set it to 2.2 or if there is enough head room 6.0 and do a mix down., take that mix down and burn it to disk, it won’t be as loud as a bought CD but hopefully it will be loud enough.

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