no sound

Ok,ive been using ntracks 3.0 on an old pentium 3 with decent results,i just installed the program onto my new laptop(dell b120) it has a sigma tel sound card.ive done everything i can think of but still cant get sound thru the laptop speakers unless i use the “live” button whick has lots of delay.i can record and play back but i cant hear the live sound while the tracks are playing back.ive checked the mic and set the levels jus like on the pentium 3 ive tried every combination in the wave device box.i cant assign the wmd drives but the old system uses the mme drive if anyone has any suggestions id greatly appreciate them jus keep them real clear an real simple im tech. challenged

Pull up the Windows mixer (double click the speaker on the system tray near the clock).

Go Options–>Properties. Select “Recording” and tick all the boxes in the “Show controls…” box. OK.

Now you are viewing a mixer of the recording signals. May sure your source is set in there (eg Line in).

Next Goto Options–>Properties again. This time select the “Playback”, tick all the boxes, click OK. Now check that your source is selected in there too.

That should sort you.


thanks for taking the time to reply to my issue,ive tried everything possible in the volume control dialog version of ntracks is an older version,i wonder if its not compatible with xp it works fine on my old computer with millineum